• Thomas Jefferson had much to say on religion in America. He has over 20 posts on that subject in his blog!
    Several times each week, he posts BRIEFLY on a variety of topics, including freedom of religion. Recent posts include:
    – I would like to be wrong about Negroes.
    – Would you like a cigarette?
    – Whistleblowers welcome!
    – “It was a dark and stormy night … “
    – What do maple trees have to do with slavery?
    – Did Jefferson oppose Islam?
    – Luxury, drinking & whores! Oh my!

    Read the blog at http://ThomasJeffersonLeadership.com/blog/

  • Earold Gunter

    Thanks Brian! This article was a wake up call for me. Often I’m so busy wallowing in self-pity about how oppressed non-theists are in America I fail to look around to see how good it is here rather than in many other countries. I appreciate we can still have discourse here, albeit sometimes heated, but seldom as is as violent as it is in many other countries in this world.