The ecology * Satan headlines * Spontaneous baptisms: Thursday’s Roundup

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Two men prepare to dunk a third in a baptism rite in a river.

ChameleonsEye /">courtesy Shutterstock

A river baptism.

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The Dalai Lama says the ecology is the no. 1 issue the U.S. should pay more attention to. Satan has been getting a good share of religion headlines. A 'spontaneous' baptism formula.

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  • Cynthia Astle

    I’m disappointed in the subhead on the Dalai Lama. I get the reference, but from what I know of His Holiness, I doubt he would call anyone “stupid” — even climate change deniers. More respect next time, please.

  • Roma: Satan follows you wherever you go, all your life, till the day you die. You said the right thing though. Get behind me Satan for thou does not mind the things of God but those of men. Jesus said this to St. Peter. St. Peter, because he was opposing the Lords Crucifixion.

  • Kevan Scott

    Plenty of religious zealotry, read religious quackery and nuttery, in todays roundup. I guess it’s all the fault of Satan. The devil didn’t make those parents refuse medical care for their child, they chose that for him and 3 1/2 to 7 years is not enough! More like the maximum sentence of 40 years for these “parents” who it turns out were more like monsters than parents! I guess God isn’t capable of providing doctors to “heal” the child but rather is only capable of “healing” the child through prayer, which apparently didn’t work for these parents a 2nd time! They will cry religious freedom and while in prison believe they are being persecuted for their “faith’ but did that child have any freedom? No, he only had the freedom to die because of his parents “chooseing” prayer over medical care!

  • Yonat Shimron

    No. He wouldn’t. I meant to play on President Clinton’s phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid” but perhaps I went too far. Thanks for writing in.