Allah=God? * Jedi Revelations * Jesus’ Divorce: Wednesday’s Roundup

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Yes, there is a Darth Vader gargoyle on the National Cathedral.

Darth Vader Gargoyle via Wikimedia Commons

Yes, there is a Darth Vader gargoyle on the National Cathedral.

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From the death penalty fiasco in Oklahoma to the "Gospel of Jesus' Wife" -- again -- plus a lot of religion news from the world of entertainment. Or is that redundant by this point?

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  • Doc Anthony

    I don’t comment on the Death Penalty much — either your state has it or your state does not have it, and no amount of comment sections will change your state’s current situation.

    But look at this Lockett guy. This guy and his pals broke into a house, beat up the young woman, then shot her with a sawed-off gun, and THEN buried her while she was still alive. That’s how the girl died–a nice and slow agony. No drugs at all to ease the pain of HER death penalty. Buried Alive.

    So Mr. Lockett sure got off EASY for what he did to that girl. A comparative cake-walk in the park for him. I’m sure he enjoyed it. So Oklahoma didn’t do anything wrong.

    Why aren’t the libbie DP opponents all outraged over the VICTIM’s death penalty?

    So there’s no need for Oklahoma or any state to repeal the death penalty

  • Elledra

    Doc Anthony: A recent study indicates that almost 4% of convictions on death row are wrong (see Van Drehle’s article in Time, 4/28). Is it supposed to be ok that those people are executed by torture too?

  • Kevan Scott

    So much bad going on in the world today and neo-cons are worried about a pledge of allegiance in Arabic that says under God, but in Arabic under Allah. Who really cares? Those that howl the most about this “injustice’ are the ones, Ive found, that fight the most against Christ’s admonitions to feed the poor, care for the sick, visit those in prision etc. Hypocrites all! Oh, and the very nature f war says that war cannot be holy. There is no good war, all war is bad. Sometimes countries are justified in using force to defend against an invader but that still does not make any war good! As Bertrand Russell says war does not decide who is right, it only tells who is left. That’s a paraphrase, but you get the idea. It’s one of my favorite quotes and all people would do good to heed the idea that war does not solve problems it only creates death for those who are fighting each other.

  • Martha Mann

    Oh wait. Ben Hur isn’t in the Bible. Or is he in a non canonical gospel that didn’t make the cut? Someone needs to break this to Roma Downey.