The Slingshot: McVatican, McMullin and Qaraqosh


Need to know: 10/19/2016

Praying for victory

Christians celebrate as Iraq forces enter town near Mosul

Iraqi Christians displaced from the town of Qaraqosh on the Nineveh plain danced and sang to celebrate a military operation advancing to retake it from jihadist fighters. More from

Apocalypse when?

After losses in Syria and Iraq, ISIS moves the goal posts

ISIS has long promised an apocalyptic battle in the Syrian village of Dabiq. But after losing the town, the militant group says the end times battle will come later. More from


The conservative savior many Mormons hope will crush Donald Trump

Mormon disaffection with Trump is offering the Provo-born Evan McMullin a chance to disrupt the outcome in reliably red Utah. More from Religion News Service

Shelter shock

World Relief scrambling to settle more refugees in US

The Christian charity settled twice as many in September than it did in August. More from Religion News Service

Thou shalt not censor?

Student: Jerry Falwell Jr. axed anti-Trump story from Liberty University’s school newspaper

Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. allegedly killed a Trump-focused anti-sexual assault story in the student paper this week. More from The Daily Beast

Was blind, but now I see: RNS looks at art.

Bonus tracks

Unhappy meal

A McDonald’s at the Vatican? Cardinals aren’t lovin’ it

One cardinal called the American chain a “breach” of “Italian taste.” Others derided the golden arches as an affront to Italian architecture. More from Religion News Service

Applied theology

Richard Rohr wants Christians to see the Trinity as a divine dance

A book by the Franciscan priest and a popular spiritual writer has gotten rave reviews well beyond Catholic circles. More from Religion News Service


The ranks of ex-pastors grow as some join ‘nones’ and ‘dones’

Long hours and stress on ministers contributes to flagging attendance and the closure of up to 4,000 American churches annually. More from

Flying while Muslim

N.C. man sentenced for pulling off Muslim woman’s headscarf on flight

The 37-year-old defendant has been fined and sentenced to a year of probation for the Dec. 11 incident on a flight from Chicago to Albuquerque. More from

They don’t know how to love him

Jesus Christ no superstar to Russian Christians

A Russian theater cancels a performance of the musical “Jesus Christ, Superstar” after protests by conservative Orthodox Christians. More from