The Slingshot: Muslim women online; Presbyterian regrets; Lady Gaga and the Dalai Lama


Need to know: 06/28/2016


Muslim women face threats online

The harassment is a high price to pay for a strong digital presence. More from Religion News Service

Sorry I

Catholic bishop apologizes for ‘betrayal’ of sexual abuse

His simple, symbolic gesture had an almost inexpressible resonance for those who had been abused. More from Religion News Service

Sorry II

Presbyterian Church in America repents of ‘racial sins’

The denomination admits to “past failures to love brothers and sisters from minority cultures.” More from Religion News Service

Struck down

How the Supreme Court decision will affect access to abortion

A map shows where the ruling will likely overturn laws similar to the rejected Texas laws. More from

Touchy, touchy

China ‘bans Lady Gaga’ after Dalai Lama meeting

They met for 19 minutes and mostly talked about yoga. More from

Bonus tracks

Religion nerds

#IfTrumpWereEvangelical makes Twitter great again

Some scholars of evangelicalism get their giggles tweeting about Donald Trump’s alleged conversion. More from Religion News Service


Five churches whose preachers endorsed the Orlando massacre

Not as famous as Westboro Baptist, but the rhetoric is just as inflaming. More from

Sorry III

The ‘Splainer: What does the pope mean by ‘apologize’?

He said the church should say “sorry” to gays, women and children. More from Religion News Service

Keep walking

Fake monks? Buddhist leaders warn NYC tourists to be wary

They offer shiny medallions, greetings of peace and then hit people up for donations. More from The Big Story

Family planning

Philippines’ president-elect takes on Catholic Church over contraception

He plans to promote contraception to tackle poverty. More from Religion News Service