The Slingshot: Silicon Valley prophet. Evangelical angst. Countering Islamists.


Need to know: 08/11/2016

Out of sight, out of mind

A pastor’s mobile ministry to Silicon Valley’s underbelly

Like a prophet crying out in the wilderness, Scott Wagers is dogged in his pursuit of justice for the homeless amid the luxury of tech-generated wealth. More from Religion News Service

Never mind

State senator drops proposal that angered religious universities in California

The new version of the bill drops a provision that would have allowed gay and transgender students to more easily sue private universities for discrimination if they are disciplined for violating church teachings. More from

Shot (1)

The Gospel Coalition removes ‘When God Sends Your White Daughter a Black Husband’

The article on the evangelical-leaning website had generated hundreds of comments in addition to a tweetstorm of discussion both supporting and criticizing the article. More from Warren Throckmorton

Chaser (1)

Why a stout theological creed is not saving evangelical churches

It’s interesting to juxtapose the emerging statistical reality with the rhetoric that has been common among evangelical leaders, writes Tom Krattenmaker. More from Religion News Service

Shot (2)

France and Germany search for solutions to Islamist challenge

Pressure is mounting because of last year’s rapid influx of refugees from the Muslim world, which has challenged state and local authorities to integrate them better. More from Religion News Service

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A church is planning drone strikes over Syria — with Bibles not bombs

The apparent logic of the Swedish church, “Word of Life,” is that by using a tactic that simulates the airstrikes that have traumatized a region, they will bring light and love and maybe convert some Muslims to Christianity. More from

Bonus tracks

Singing a new song

Trey Pearson on playing Joshua Fest: ‘Seeing the world change’

The lead singer of Everyday Sunday will be the first openly gay artist ever to play a major Christian music festival, by his reckoning. More from Religion News Service


On Trump: What is the word for ‘beyond appalled’?

Grief now seems a more appropriate response than anything else, says David Gushee. More from Religion News Service

‘Sorry’ could be another word

Trump-loving Christians owe Bill Clinton an apology

Conservative evangelicals were unwilling to offer forgiveness to a Democrat who asked for it. But they have freely offered it to a Republican who doesn’t want it, says Jonathan Merritt. More from The Atlantic

Free to be …

Libertarianism and religion: 8 questions for ‘Reason’ editor Katherine Mangu-Ward

“There is certainly a variant of libertarianism that is genuinely amoral or at least relativistic,” Mangu-Ward says. “But most libertarians would draw a distinction between behaviors that are immoral and those that should be illegal.” More from America Magazine

Not chicken soup

What’s up with Michael Phelps’ purple circles? Jewish folk medicine has the answer

According to the Jewish Virtual Library, late Hebrew literature contains instructions for cupping – in conjunction with bloodletting. More from The Forward

Dust to dust

Book review: ‘The Work of the Dead: A cultural history of mortal remains’

“For better or worse, the West has escaped the tyranny that the dead once held over the living, and still do in many lands and cultures,” Thomas Meaney writes in his review. More from TLS