The Slingshot: Veep debate, the Enneagram, the Santeria boom


Need to know: 10/04/2016

Pass the popcorn

With Tim Kaine and Mike Pence, faith is back in the mix

The two men who will face off in tonight’s vice presidential debate share a deep religious faith that is central to their politics, but has been obscured by a more profane than holy race on top of the ticket. More from

Strained relations

As Catholic priests are killed in Mexico, questions and tensions rise

Is the church under attack? Or are the clergy just collateral damage in a wider wave of violence? More from Religion News Service

‘Solidarity and prayer’

Pope Francis makes surprise visit to quake zone

In what the Vatican described as a “private visit” to the town of Amatrice, the pope hugged townsfolk and toured the ruins with firefighters in the hardest-hit area, or so-called “red zone.” More from Religion News Service

Gender roles

Ingrained sexism helps explain why evangelicals support Trump

New research finds evangelical Protestants — especially Republicans — are highly biased against female political leaders. More from

Another celebration this week

Muharram 2016: 4 key facts about the Islamic New Year

Muharram is the second holiest month after Ramadan and it commemorates the migration of the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina. More from International Business Times

Bonus tracks

Getting digits

Are you my type? The Enneagram catches on with Christians

It’s not a horoscope or pick-up line. The Enneagram is an ancient personality typing system that recently has exploded in popularity in Christian circles. More from Religion News Service


New book shows humanists how to be ‘secular Jesus followers’

‘Confessions of a Secular Jesus Follower’ by Tom Krattenmaker strips Jesus down to the basic ethical teachings. More from Religion News Service

Worth 1,000 words

Gods and monsters: Hindu rituals across Asia – in pictures

Iranian-born photographer Abbas has captured Hindu ceremonies across Asia, from elephants giving blessings to funeral rites at the seaside. More from

Santeria 2.0

One of Cuba’s fastest growing economies is inspired by the life of saints

Santeria is experiencing a popularity boom that seems to be tied to the country’s opening to the U.S. and the gradual expansion of capitalism. More from Fusion

Strength in God

Thou shalt work out

American churches are building gyms to get followers in shape and attract new members. Is it business masked as ministry or a spirited defense against the obesity epidemic? More from Outside Online