The cover of a French Catholic magazine for volunteers who prepare young couples for marriage. The headline says: "Islamic-Christian Marriage - Catholic and Muslim: questions about a project for life". Religion News Service photo by Tom Heneghan

New guide helps French Catholic-Muslim couples preparing to marry

PARIS (RNS) A day after Islamic extremists massacred 130 people in Paris last month, a Muslim-Catholic couple married in Lyon. Behind them was a loose network of Catholic and Muslim volunteer counselors who meet regularly to help young couples prepare for marriage problems most other French their age can hardly imagine.

wedding Saffron Cross

So I Married a Hindu: A Q&A about “Saffron Cross”

If you know someone in an interfaith marriage — or if you simply enjoy an unlikely love story — I have a book to recommend: Dana Trent’s memoir Saffron Cross: The Unlikely Story of How a Christian Minister Married a Hindu Monk, which was released yesterday. I read the galley this summer and got a chance on my travels to interview the author and her husband, the titular Hindu monk. They are charming. Here’s a taste of our conversation. — JKR

Earlier this year I read Naomi Schafer Riley’s book Till Faith Do Us Part, which claims that 36% of American marriages are now interfaith.