Tuesday’s Religion News Roundup: Sikh vigils; Wade Michael Page; Bill Clinton, Buddhist?

Vigils for victims of Sikh shootings. Suspected gunman was a neo-Nazi. Sikhs say their turbans are targets. American nuns prepare for Vatican dispute. 

Hundreds of people gathered at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin last night to mark the deaths of six Sikhs in Sunday's shooting. There will also be an interfaith vigil Wednesday night.

The gurdwara's founder was among those killed. 

The small Sikh community has been misunderstood since its first days in the United States, Rachel Zoll reports.  

Many Sikhs say their distinctive turbans are a proud symbol of their religious commitments, but also a target for violence because they are often mistaken for militant Muslims.

Owing to that confusion, the FBI and the Justice Department does not separate hate crimes committed against Sikhs and Muslims, HuffPo reports.

The suspected temple shooter, Wade Michael Page, was an Army veteran who was active in white supremacist circles

The FBI is investigating a second suspicious fire at a Missouri mosque

A Philadelphia judge denied bail to Monsignor William Lynn

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious begin their meeting in St. Louis today, where their dispute with the Vatican is expected to take center stage. 

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York said that if American nuns “can survive the battlefields of the Civil War, they’ll survive … the current examination by Rome.”

Dolan himself is taking some heat for inviting President Obama to the Al Smith dinner in NYC. 

A predominantly white Mississippi church apologized (to the media) for its refusal to allow a black couple to marry in its sanctuary. The couple hadn't heard a word from the church. 

Catholic leaders in France are urging parishioners to pray as the new Socialist government prepares to approve gay marriage and perhaps euthanasia. 

A word to Russian Orthodox priests: Vladimir Putin does not like to be kissed on the hand

Bill Clinton has reportedly taken up Buddhist meditation and veganism. 

Young Tibetan Buddhists are trading the monastery for the recording studio.

The Amish are growing by leaps and bounds in North America. 

“It's because all of the kids,” said one Amishman. 

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