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Tuesday’s Religion News Roundup: Breastfeeding Jesus, Pro-life Plates and Democratic Santa

Why don't we see images of baby Jesus breastfeeding? Judge: Pro-life license plate is unconstitutional. Even many Republicans say Santa is a Democrat.

A North Carolina federal judge rules a pro-life license plate unconstitutional.

La Leche League should give our colleague David Gibson some kind of award for this one. Read “Christmas' missing Icon: Mary breastfeeding Jesus.”

Santa is a Democrat, according to a Democratic polling firm. But turns out that more than one in five Republicans agree that the gifty guy in the red suit should maybe wear a blue one.

Two Wisconsin nuns accused of promoting “New Ageism” have been banned by Madison Catholic Bishop Robert Morlino from providing spiritual direction at any Catholic churches in the diocese.

Thanks to belief in the Mayan prophecy, there is a surge in one-way flight searches to Southern France and Turkey.

Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas talked to our own Adelle Banks about her abiding faith, love of matzo ball soup, and prayers before the uneven bars.

Charitable groups are lobbying hard to make sure “fiscal cliff” negotiations don't disadvantage them by changing the rules on charitable deductions.

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A secular group is criticizing Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback for promoting a religious rally

With gay marriage on the Supreme Court docket, Justice Scalia defends what many consider to be his anti-gay writings.

British researchers find a strong connection between confession and donations to Catholic churches.

And it took a lot of donations to gussy up Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris for its 850th birthday this week.

The archaeologist who discovered the Titanic says there's good evidence in Turkey that The Flood actually happened.

At the Hanukkah halfway point, we offer the Maccabeats' new Hanukkah video/campaign to promote the bone marrow registry. I still like their first Hanukkah video best

– Lauren Markoe

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