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Upcoming talks about Mormon Millennials in Oakland, SoCal, Cincinnati, Dallas, and Salt Lake City

Who are Mormon Millennials, and how are they different? In a series of upcoming talks I'll share some insights from the Next Mormons Study about what we've learned about this generation.


I’ve got a number of upcoming speaking engagements that are tied to The Next Mormons research on Millennials, and I hope I’ll see you at one of them (and that you’ll come up to say hello).

Most of these talks will be an introduction to what we’ve learned about Mormon Millennials:

  • How are they different from older Mormons, and from other Millennials?
  • Is it true that more of them are leaving the LDS Church than young adult Mormons have done in the past?
  • Are they waiting longer to get married, or having fewer children?
  • Are they serving missions, keeping the Word of Wisdom, and embracing most Mormon beliefs?

I’m looking forward to lots of questions and to some vigorous dialogue about where Mormonism is now, and where it might be going.

As an update on the project, last week I handed in the manuscript for The Next Mormons book to Oxford, and publication should happen in March of 2019. It feels great to be at this stage after so many months of hard-core writing. I’ve got some revisions ahead, but at least it’s off my desk for a little while.

Upcoming dates include:

  • Oakland, CA. Sunday, March 4. I‘m speaking a week from tomorrow (Sunday, March 4) at the LDS East Bay Interstake Center in Oakland, CA. It’s at 5 p.m. because I think there is a famous musician giving a concert in the same building right afterward — I may stay to hear that myself.
  • Cincinnati. Friday, March 30,  7 p.m. Details TBA.
  • SoCal/Fullerton. Friday, April 6. 7:30. Fairway Village Clubhouse, 2730 Fairway Isles Dr., Fullerton, CA 92835. Details are here
  • SoCal/La Canada Flintridge, Saturday, April 7. 7:30. Details are here.
  • McKinney, Texas (Dallas area). Friday May 18. 110 E. Davis Street, McKinney, TX 75070. Details are here
  • Arlington, Texas. Saturday, May 19. 3804 Indian Springs Trail. Details are here
  • Salt Lake City, “Think Again Faith Again,” Sunday June 3. Details will be announced here closer to the date.

All of these events are free and open to the public. Hope you can make it and be part of these conversations!


Some findings from the Next Mormons Survey: