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Bruce Nolan

Bruce Nolan is an author at Religion News Service.

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Jews push back against Scouts over policy banning gays

By Bruce Nolan — November 6, 2012

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) For nearly a decade, hundreds of Boy Scouts have learned the virtues of the Ten Commandments on an annual hike to local churches, synagogues and mosques. But this year, Touro Synagogue says it's no longer willing to take part because the Scouts deny membership to gay troop leaders and gay adolescent Scouts. By Bruce Nolan.

Judge blocks New Orleans law that prevents preaching in French Quarter

By Bruce Nolan — September 24, 2012

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) A federal judge has temporarily blocked enforcement of a city law that was recently used to arrest Christian evangelists who were preaching on Bourbon Street during Southern Decadence, the annual celebration of gay culture in the French Quarter. By Bruce Nolan.

Charities struggle with cleanup from Hurricane Isaac

By Bruce Nolan — September 19, 2012

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) Faith-based ministries say it's already clear that the recovery from Hurricane Isaac will proceed without the national outpouring of money and volunteers triggered by Hurricane Katrina. "From our point of view, the biggest challenge with this disaster will be getting attention and money," said Gordon Wadge, president of Catholic Charities. By Bruce Nolan.

Seven years after Katrina, New Orleans Jews wander no more

By Bruce Nolan — August 29, 2012

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) Three days before the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina that flooded their synagogue and two days before Hurricane Isaac hit landfall in Louisiana, the wandering Jews of Congregation Beth Israel are finally home. By Bruce Nolan.

Group house gives women a place to discern their calling as nuns

By Bruce Nolan — August 16, 2012

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) The Archdiocese of New Orleans has launched a kind of halfway house where a woman considering a vocation can live while giving the matter thought and prayer, the first in the nation that gives would-be nuns the same environment as would-be priests. By Bruce Nolan.

Gallup reports new low in religious confidence

By Bruce Nolan — July 16, 2012

(RNS) Americans’ confidence in organized religion, slowly but steadily declining since the 1970s, slipped to a new low in the latest survey, the Gallup Organization reported. By Bruce Nolan.

Former preacher becomes a poster boy for unbelief

By Bruce Nolan — June 13, 2012

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) Jerry DeWitt is beginning to develop a national profile in the small universe of organized unbelievers as a former Pentecostal preacher who little by little lost his faith right there in the pulpit. Now DeWitt is out of the pulpit, and public about his nonbelief. By Bruce Nolan.

Obama narrows, but doesn’t end, electoral `God gap’

By Bruce Nolan — November 15, 2008
c. 2008 Religion News Service (UNDATED) The first take on exit polls dissecting Barack Obama’s historic presidential victory indicates the famous “God gap” dividing American politics is still largely in place, but Obama fashioned a victory by cutting it down nearly everywhere _ among those who worship frequently and those who don’t. Classically described, the […]

Wounded New Orleans finds a savior in Midwestern church

By Bruce Nolan — June 25, 2008
c. 2008 Religion News Service TIPP CITY, Ohio _ It is not that Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church sits in the middle of a Midwestern cornfield that makes it notable. Nor even that its pastor preaches in jeans and sandals to a working-class congregation sipping coffee in shorts and T-shirts. More to the point: Of the […]

Efforts to lure Jews to New Orleans start to pay off

By Bruce Nolan — May 28, 2008
c. 2008 Religion News Service NEW ORLEANS _ Twenty-three and single, Katie Tutwiler is another of those idealistic young people pouring into post-Katrina New Orleans. Tutwiler moved to New Orleans fresh out of college last summer, tugged by something like a moral call to join the city’s great story of post-hurricane reconstruction. Although she is […]

Church closings in New Orleans reflect a national trend

By Bruce Nolan — April 29, 2008
c. 2008 Religion News Service NEW ORLEANS _ Archbishop Alfred Hughes’ decision in April to close 33 of what were once about 142 parishes in the Archdiocese of New Orleans was not only a concession to the damage wrought by Hurricane Katrina. It also introduced New Orleans Catholics and neighborhood activists to a wrenching phenomenon […]

A different pope for a different time

By Bruce Nolan — April 22, 2008
c. 2008 Religion News Service NEW ORLEANS _ Catholic Deacon Pat Dempsey, a port chaplain, remembers the day he rode a launch out into the Mississippi River to visit a crew aboard an anchored vessel. In a backpack he carried his book of the Gospels, the music and the sacred vessels he would need to […]

Catholics close 33 parishes in post-Katrina New Orleans

By Bruce Nolan — April 11, 2008
c. 2008 Religion News Service NEW ORLEANS _ The Archdiocese of New Orleans on Wednesday (April 9) announced a sweeping post-Hurricane Katrina reorganization of parish life that essentially accepted the storm’s permanent destruction of 17 church communities. Archbishop Alfred Hughes announced a wide-ranging package of mergers, closures, downsizings and shared-pastor arrangements that reached far beyond […]

Evangelical stumps for wider agenda in Crescent City

By Bruce Nolan — March 11, 2008
c. 2008 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Writer and social activist the Rev. Jim Wallis arrived in New Orleans recently bearing what he called “good news” and “better news.” The “good,” in his view: “The dominance of the religious right over our politics is finally finished.” The “better”: Substantial numbers of evangelical voters are rapidly broadening […]

McCain seeks support from GOP faithful: 600 words

By Bruce Nolan — March 11, 2008
c. 2008 Religion News Service NEW ORLEANS _ Sen. John McCain sought support among conservative true believers Friday (March 7) in New Orleans, reaching to enlist them in his campaign days after securing the Republican presidential nomination. “We’ve got to get our base moving again,” he told a meeting of the Council for National Policy […]
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