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Michael Kaplan

Michael Kaplan is an author at Religion News Service.

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Islamic State refugees grow disgruntled: ‘We loved them so much’

By Michael Kaplan — February 26, 2015
SANLIURFA, Turkey (RNS) Little is known about how the Islamic State group is viewed by those living under its thumb. But a steady stream of refugees settling in southern Turkey offers a peek into life in the areas the militants control.

Rumi followers fight to keep Turks from cashing in on mystic’s legacy

By Michael Kaplan — January 14, 2015
ISTANBUL (RNS) Some of Rumi's followers believe the 13th-century mystic's whirling dervish ceremonies have been wrongly appropriated for profit.

Turkey plans to establish an Islamic university with a broader Muslim curriculum

By Michael Kaplan — December 23, 2014
ISTANBUL (RNS) Political unrest continues to sweep Egypt and Syria, once hubs for Islamic learning, and more students are turned off by Saudi Arabia’s more literalist interpretation of Islam. This gives Turkey an opening.
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