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Nikolia Apostolou

Nikolia Apostolou is an author at Religion News Service.

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Virtual rituals give expat Greeks a chance to live out their faith from abroad

By Nikolia Apostolou — July 2, 2019
ATHENS (RNS) — A new startup, Do My Tama, is helping ex-pats stay connected to their faith by offering to perform religious devotions, virtual pilgrimages and other religious services.

Greeks bridle at historic deal to split Orthodox church from state

By Nikolia Apostolou — January 18, 2019
ATHENS, Greece (RNS) — Next month, the country's parliament is expected to vote on an agreement to make the Greek state neutral toward religion, ending the primacy of Greek Orthodoxy in the country’s constitution.

Official recognition for Ukrainian church roils Orthodox world

By Nikolia Apostolou — January 2, 2019
ATHENS, Greece (RNS) — Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew's decision to recognize an independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church has led to fears of a schism among Orthodox Christians.
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