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Tobin Grant

@TobinGrant blogs for Religion News Service at Corner of Church and State, a data-driven conversation on religion and politics. He is a political science professor at Southern Illinois University and associate editor of the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.

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Five things white supremacists believe about Donald Trump

By Tobin Grant — March 1, 2016
Do you really want to know what white supremacists think about Trump?

How the decline of white Protestants in South Carolina was exaggerated

By Tobin Grant — February 23, 2016
Turns out, comparing 2007 and 2015 is like comparing apples and pears: similar but not the same.

Trump, Rubio, and Cruz in South Carolina: Where did they win?

By Tobin Grant — February 21, 2016
Cruz failed to win evangelical-dominated counties in South Carolina

Republican map of South Carolina: Three regions to watch during the primary

By Tobin Grant — February 18, 2016
Trump, Cruz, and Rubio need to do win these counties if they want to do well in South Carolina

Myth of the evangelical voter? It depends on meaning of “evangelical”

By Tobin Grant — February 17, 2016
Evangelicals are different from other Americans, even after many other factors are considered.

Justice Scalia’s final year highlighted his views on religion and the First Amendment (COMMENTARY)

By Tobin Grant — February 15, 2016
(RNS) The First Amendment, according to Scalia, meant that government could not establish a national church; it did not mean that government should be secular.

Scalia’s top 5 hits (or misses) on religion

By Tobin Grant — February 14, 2016
Here are the five most influential statements on religion jurisprudence by the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Justice Scalia legacy on religion: A look at the last year of his life

By Tobin Grant — February 13, 2016
Justice Antonin Scalia has died. Here's our first retrospective on his jurisprudence.

Confused by (dis)organized religion? Use this interactive tool to see how faiths fit together

By Tobin Grant — February 11, 2016
Explore what makes up the mosaic of American religious traditions.

NARAL tweets on Doritos Super Bowl ad: This is how abortion politics works

By Tobin Grant — February 8, 2016
I'd like to say I can't believe a Doritos ad erupted into abortion politics, but I totally believe it.

Israel set to restrict NGOs: We ask an expert about the implications

By Tobin Grant — February 5, 2016
Israel's government ready to restrict transnational advocacy -- what is that?

Wheaton College alumni in political science support Professor Larycia Hawkins

By Tobin Grant — February 3, 2016
Twenty political scientists who graduated from Wheaton College wrote an open letter to their alma mater. The professors are asking Wheaton College’s president and board of trustees to reinstate Professor Larycia Hawkins, halt the process of terminating her with cause, and work toward reconciliation. “We implore Wheaton College to find a way to allow Professor […]

“Reinstate Professor Hawkins”: Read open letter by political scientists from Wheaton College

By Tobin Grant — February 2, 2016
The Larycia Hawkins controversy has produced more heat than light. See what this unique group of alumni has to say.

Where did Cruz, Trump, & Rubio do best in Iowa? Three graphs give first look at Christian Right counties

By Tobin Grant — February 2, 2016
Here's how Cruz, Trump, and Rubio did in the parts of Iowa historically dominated by conservative Christian voters.

Burkina Faso terrorists indirectly strike the poorest of the poor. How you already help these victims

By Tobin Grant — January 20, 2016
Seven missionaries are killed. Two more are kidnapped. Here's where they served and why they will be missed.
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