Why Paige Patterson’s apology may not be enough

By Jonathan Merritt — May 10, 2018
(RNS) — Southern Baptists cannot move on because they've been thrust into a larger cultural conversation.
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Evangelicals haven’t always cozied up to Russia

By Jonathan Merritt — March 21, 2018
(RNS) — A generation ago, evangelical luminaries denounced the Soviet Union and Russian leadership in the strongest possible terms.

Can former journalist Lee Strobel make a convincing case for miracles?

By Jonathan Merritt — March 14, 2018
Former editor for "The Chicago Tribune" compiles evidence to prove miracles. But is it effective to build a logical case for a mystical event?

Advice for dealing with critics — from a religion writer with plenty of them

By Jonathan Merritt — March 9, 2018
If you have courage enough to speak up in this divided and uncivil moment, you'll soon find yourself facing a wave of criticism and resistance.

Responding to American Christianity’s obsession with youth

By Jonathan Merritt — March 1, 2018
Author Andrew Root says, "As the church finds itself with an authenticity deficit, it often runs to youthful forms to legitimate it."

Desiring God, mental health, and the truth about ‘chronological snobbery’

By Jonathan Merritt — February 16, 2018
"Thank God for psychologists and Lexapro," writes Jonathan Merritt. "Without them, I might be dead today."

What living with a death sentence can teach all of us about life

By Jonathan Merritt — February 6, 2018
(RNS) — 'If someone found cancer to be a gift, wonderful. But there is a certain cruelty to asking suffering people to bear the weight of other people’s theological conundrums,' Christian historian Kate Bowler tells RNS' Jonathan Merritt. (Commentary)

Is the ‘evangelical’ label worth preserving or nah?

By Jonathan Merritt — February 2, 2018
Should we abandon the term or work to revive it? Theologian John Stackhouse weighs in.

Nancy Pearcey and Jonathan Merritt spar on the hottest of hot topics

By Jonathan Merritt — January 26, 2018
Pearcey's razor-sharp mind combined with a compelling personal story makes her a powerful, if undervalued, champion for conservatives.

‘Double persecution’: The untold plight of Christian women worldwide

By Jonathan Merritt — January 10, 2018
Every day, six Christian women are reportedly raped, sexually harassed or forced to marry under threat of execution due to their faith.

Needed: A coalition of feminists and conservative Christians

By Jonathan Merritt — November 28, 2017
It is time for the two groups to set aside their differences and unite for the common good.  

A funeral director says many churches (unknowingly) promote a ‘death negative’ narrative

By Jonathan Merritt — November 10, 2017
Caleb Wilde says many churches teach that "death, and our mortality, is at heart both shameful and has little to no redeeming value."

New film on Mark Twain highlights his religious doubts

By Kimberly Winston — October 16, 2017
(RNS) — A trip to the Holy Land in 1867 launched Twain from local journalist to international satirist and cemented his skepticism of organized religion.
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