RNS Morning Report: Vanier’s Legacy; Student Pastor Deported; Church Barbecues

A prayer gathering of Friendship House in Fayetteville, N.C. Scott Cameron sits on the floor beside his dog. RNS photo by Yonat Shimron.

Need to know: Friday, May 31, 2019

Humanitarian Housing

Vanier is gone, but his Christian model for living alongside the disabled takes root

Jean Vanier’s core principle of 'Eat together, pray together, celebrate together' forms the basis for Friendship House, where students share living space with people with disabilities. More from Religion News Service

Deportation Proceeds

Lutheran student pastor deported amid protests

At Emaus ELCA Church in Racine, Wis., student pastor Betty Rendón was 'very well loved,' and a lot of people are feeling the loss, church leaders said. More from Religion News Service

Church Cookout

In St. Louis, ‘Grill to Glory’ deploys churches (and hot dogs) for communi …

A partnership between churches and a local nonprofit helps to build community through cookouts in crime-plagued North St. Louis. More from Religion News Service

Unity Summit

To Botham Jean’s parents, fatal shooting still feels ‘as if it just happened’

Almost nine months have passed since an off-duty police officer entered Botham Shem Jean’s apartment and opened fire, killing the church song leader. Bertrum and Allison Jean mourn as a racial unity summit paid tribute to their slain son. More from Religion News Service


What Israel’s new election reveals about the struggle over Jewishness

As Israel's ultra-Orthodox Jews become more numerous, and powerful, many politicians are capitalizing on anti-religious sentiment among secular Jews, including calling on Haredim to submit to the draft, writes Joyce Dalsheim. More from Religion News Service

Mobile Ministers

With attendance down, rural churches pool resources to keep doors open

Rural churches, often the bedrock of the community, are facing declining membership. In hopes of surviving, they are teaming up, with clergy sharing programs and using their cars as mobile offices. More from NPR




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