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As opioid epidemic spreads, a NC church opens its doors to a syringe exchange

By Yonat Shimron — June 11, 2019

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (RNS) — Green Street Church’s syringe exchange is one of a handful housed at a place of worship across the state. As the opioid epidemic spreads, the North Carolina Council of Churches hopes more will consider it.

Living with HIV and AIDS, and unwelcome in Zimbabwe’s churches

By Jeffrey Moyo — November 15, 2017

HARARE, Zimbabwe (RNS) — ‘The church knew we were in a gay relationship, but preachers used to indirectly attack us each time they stood to preach,’ said Liberty Siziba, whose partner died of AIDS.

Kenyan pastors offer young people a token of love

By Fredrick Nzwili — February 14, 2017

NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) The gesture was meant as a way to reach out to youth, many of whom feel rejected by the churches.

Anglican priest in rural Kenya works to change perceptions about HIV/AIDS

By Fredrick Nzwili — December 1, 2016

LAIKIPIA, Kenya (RNS) She worries church members are not yet knowledgeable about HIV and AIDS. And many denominations have yet to fully accept people with HIV and treat them with dignity.

Kenyan churches demand HIV test for couples wanting to marry

By Fredrick Nzwili — September 30, 2016

NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) The clergy who demand the tests say they are driven by a desire to protect their members from HIV and AIDS. But the practice may be illegal.

Florida Supreme Court to decide if ‘intercourse’ includes gay sex

By Reuters — February 4, 2015

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Reuters) The Florida Supreme Court will hear arguments on the definition of sexual intercourse in a test of a law requiring HIV-positive people to tell partners of their status.

Church-state partnerships aid malaria fight in rural Africa

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey — December 13, 2013

MACHA, Zambia (RNS) In a country where a third of the hospitals are mission-run but government-funded, church and state are intrinsically intertwined.

Pentecostal pastors in Africa push prayer, not drugs, for people with HIV

By Fredrick Nzwili — December 4, 2013

NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) At prayer healing services in some Pentecostal churches, pastors invite people infected with HIV to come forward for a public healing, after which they burn the person’s anti-retroviral medications and declare the person cured.

Bhutan seeks to curb sexual diseases among Buddhist monks

By Vishal Arora — March 28, 2013

NEW DELHI (RNS) Health officials in the tiny Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan are making condoms available at all monastic schools in a bid to stem the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV among young monks who are supposed to be celibate.

Taking an active role in orphan care: An interview with Johnny Carr

By Jonathan Merritt — March 8, 2013

The American Christian Church is at the cusp of an orphan care and adoption movement, and Johnny Carr is one of its most outspoken and influential proponents. In his new book, Orphan Justice: How to Care for Orphans Beyond Adopting, Carr tells readers that caring for orphans may look different than they assumed. He shares […]

Study: Muslims and Hindus less likely to have premarital sex

By Jeanie Groh — October 26, 2012

RNS) Although most major religions discourage sex outside of marriage, Muslims and Hindus are more likely to abstain from extramarital sex than Christians and Jews, according to a new study. By Jeanie Groh.

NAACP urges black churches to address AIDS epidemic

By Adelle M. Banks — July 12, 2012

(RNS) The NAACP has mounted a campaign calling on black churches to address HIV/AIDS after researchers learned these myths circulate among their pews and pulpits. By Adelle M. Banks.

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