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Terryl Givens

Mormon scholars debate Joseph Smith’s role in translation

By Jana Riess — May 3, 2017

How did Joseph Smith translate the Book of Mormon and other scriptures? Scholars are offering some new, more expansive possibilities of what we mean by translation.

Mormon founder turned over priesthood keys to women, says Deseret Book author

By Jana Riess — June 21, 2016

Fiona Givens, a Deseret Book author and popular Mormon speaker, says early LDS women were given priesthood keys — and that there is historical tradition linking Heavenly Mother to the Holy Ghost.

Staying Mormon: “Planted” with Patrick Mason

By Jana Riess — January 15, 2016

Patrick Mason’s new guide speaks to Mormon doubters and those who love them . . .. and it’s co-published by Deseret Book.

In Missouri, Mormons see Adam’s fall after Garden of Eden and Jesus’ return

By Tim Townsend — September 18, 2012

DAVIESS COUNTY, Mo. (RNS) To non-Mormons, it sounds odd that a bluff on a bend 124 feet above the Grand River represents to 15 million faithful both the beginning and end of human time. Mormon doctrine makes reference to the place as the site where Adam and Eve went after God banished them from the Garden of Eden. It's also regarded as a gathering place for the faithful at the second coming of Jesus Christ. By Tim Townsend.

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