Wednesday’s Religion News Roundup: B16 2.0 * St. Sainsbury * ADL at 100

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photo courtesy of Sainsbury's.

photo courtesy of Sainsbury's.

Active RNS subscribers and members can view this content by logging-in here. has a new poster boy (literally) for infidelity. A Catholic priest fired for advocating open marriage likens himself to centuries of martyrs burned at the stake. And Britons put more faith in their grocers than they do in the church.

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  • Kevan Scott

    You know, when you think about it, that preist is right. The path to “enlightenment’ has always been littered with the bodies of those who searched and advocated for greater knowledge. So, if it’s being killed for saying the earth was round or for saying that LGBT people should have exactly the same rights as all other people there are those who would kill you for offering you’re free speech protected opinion. Whether I agree or disagree with LGBT folks having the right to marry isn’t the point, point is that they should not be denied any right you or I have based on OUR religious beleifs! So, they also should have the right to marry etc based on the constitution of the United States which is what we base our laws on and not the Bible. To do that would infringe on someone elses rights to be free from religion. Wish the Alex Jones types could understand that.Expected more of the 21st century!