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  • George Nixon Shuler

    Despite their assertions otherwise right-wing religious culture warriors are not acting out of religious zeal at all. Nay, the entire gamut, from the former segregationists Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson to their local wannabes, the “Christian Reconstructionists,” and so on seek power and control. The Catholic Church has a history of having had power and control to such an extent that those who deviated from their orthodoxies were subjected to murder and torture, and there are some in their midst who think a return to that would be a desirious outcome. Bigotry is not an act of faith so much as one of fear and hate.

  • bqrq

    George said;
    “……Bigotry is not an act of faith so much as one of fear and hate…..”

    Dear George,
    I would like to discuss this matter with you but unfortunately some of us Christians have experienced the displeasure of having our well-thought comments deleted on this forum. We have fair and reasonable opinions, but some of our opinions are apparently not-welcome on RNS. So it is hardly worth the effort to respond when we cannot speak freely and be treated equally.

  • Dominic

    Pope Francis is wonderful, but I don’t yet grasp his commentaries on family life, marriage, and the inclusive pose Catholics are to use when confronting what Catholic doctrine forbids. It sounds too open, unboundaried, and accepting of all marriage/family mutations that crop up daily. Are we not to remark on the fact that some set ups are sinful? Perhaps time and thought will make his message clearer to me, but, I guess I’m more like the conservative branch of Catholic thinking.

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  • Doc Anthonys

    So there you have it folks. Pope Francis has officially endorsed the core doctrine of the legalized gay marriage activists: “…civil marriage and Christian sacramental marriage no longer share a common meaning.”

    Francis’s endorsement of this Legalized Gay Marriage core doctrine, combined with Francis’s repeated orders for the bishops to even stop criticizing gay marriage and its salesmen, amounts to a full-scale public endorsement of legalized gay marriage. Pope Francis has finally crossed the line.

    What makes it even worse, is the fact that the institution of marriage is based NOT upon anybody’s prior commitment to the Christian faith, but simply upon male-female gender complementarianism. Moses mentioned it in the Hebrew Bible, Christ mentioned it in the Christian New Testament.

    It’s been the planetwide marital standard for millenia, regardless of people’s various belief systems.

    But now Francis has kicked it to the curb. Bad times are coming.

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  • Daniel Berry, NYC

    Your ceaseless refrain of hatred against gay people makes me very suspicious that you’re yet another closeted, self-hating gay guy–just like the myriad gay-hating bishops and evangelical preachers who keep getting busted.

  • Billysees

    More good comments by Pope Francis —

    ” Yet while recognizing the profound changes taking place, he warned bishops against pointing fingers at their flock or wallowing in nostalgia. ”

    Wallowing in nostalgia…..that’s a modern way of saying what Paul wrote, ” I focus on this one thing: forgetting the past and ‘looking forward’ to what lies ahead “…….Philippians 3:13

    “ Should they [young people] hear their pastors saying that ‘it was all better back then,’ ‘the world is falling apart and if things go on this way, who knows where we will end up?’ No… ”

    ” For all the obstacles we see before us, gratitude and appreciation should prevail over concerns and complaints. ”

    That’s single comment is ‘super-important’.

    ” “In Buenos Aires, many women would tell, ‘Me my son is thirty, thirty-four, and isn’t married. What should I do?’ I tell them, “Don’t iron his shirts anymore!” ”

    That’s really cute and funny.

  • Richard Rush


    “It’s been the planetwide marital standard for millenia, regardless of people’s various belief systems.”

    At one time, Southern Baptists probably said . . .

    “Slavery’s been the planetwide labor standard for millenia, regardless of people’s various belief systems.”

  • Deacon John M Bresnahan

    In many cases the media–including this one- censors words and arguments that aren’t–by their lights—politically correct enough. And as Orwell observed in his book 1984 when you control the words allowed– you control the populace.

  • I am Catholic, but i feel the Pope is not following the Bible or the new Testament. He is giving people what they want to here, this is why he has such a large crowd following him. I feel he is leading people down the wrong path. He is enjoying his fame a little to much. The Lord Jesus wanted his followers to preach the laws not change them. The people are acting like he is a celebrity. Very stupid people.

  • Larry

    bqrq has no sense of propriety anyway with his constant talk of sodomy and asking posters about their bedroom habits. His posts are not missed.

    The filters usually go after insult words automatically. Nothing personal.


    I have to agree