The Slingshot: Catholic Democrats; Love trumps hate meme; Pope in Auschwitz


Need to know: 07/29/2016

Ticking the Catholic box

Can Clinton-Kaine bring Catholic voters back to the Democrats?

In a close election, winning the Catholic vote is crucial to each candidate’s chances in November. More from Religion News Service

Muslims fought too

Father of Muslim soldier killed in action repudiates Donald Trump

“Have you even read the U.S. Constitution?” asked Khizr Khan, the father of Capt. Humayun Khan. “I will gladly lend you my copy." More from

Taboo no more

The word of the week in Philadelphia: Love

A party obsessed with showing its toughness rediscovered the word ‘love,’ writes Jay Barth. More from Religion News Service

A silent walk

Francis writes an appeal for mercy in silent visit to Auschwitz

For Francis, the visit is a timely reminder of what happens when the concept of mercy is forgotten. More from Religion News Service

An unending saga

Vatican finance minister rejects latest abuse allegations

An Australian TV report said police in the state of Victoria were investigating claims Pell had touched boys inappropriately. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

No religious litmus test

Bill Clinton’s dangerous assumption

The role of Muslim Americans is not to “help us win” the war on terror, writes Asma Uddin. More from Religion News Service

Our martyr for yours

Leave ‘martyrdom’ to the jihadists

Calls to canonize the priest murdered while celebrating Mass in France will only play into the hands of the extremists. More from

Land of believers

Atheists make up 0.0027 percent of India’s population

Only 33,000 of India’s 1.2 billion people declared themselves atheists in the 2011 census. More from

Not messing with God’s creation

Engineering an enhanced human? Religious people take a pass

Religious Americans were less likely to want gene-editing techniques, computer chips in the brain or synthetic blood. More from

Changing times

Navy to name ship after gay rights activist Harvey Milk

The first openly gay California politician to be elected to office also served in the Navy. More from