The Slingshot: Funerals, celebrations and Church Curmudgeon


Need to know: 08/19/2016

Rest in peace

Christian funeral planned for Arab-American slain in alleged hate crime

“The funeral is important to address, ‘Where was God?’ and ‘Where does evil come from?’” his pastor said. More from Religion News Service

Not going to the chapel

Pastors rarely asked to wed same-sex couples

Researchers also found that fewer than half of Protestant senior pastors say their churches permit LGBT people to serve, even in limited ways. More from Religion News Service

More like Pokemon No

Italian bishop likens ‘Pokemon Go’ to totalitarian Nazism

The Sicilian churchman described the virtual monster-hunting game, which has become a global sensation, as ‘diabolical’ and has threatened to take legal action. More from Religion News Service

Our Lady of Cheeseheads

Site of Marian apparitions in Wisconsin becomes national shrine

It’s the only approved Marian apparition site in the United States. More from

Unwise counsel

Trump adviser accused of making anti-Semitic remarks

Allegations of anti-Semitism have surfaced against Joseph Schmitz, one of Donald Trump’s foreign policy advisers. More from mcclatchydc

Bonus tracks

Kiddush for Aly!

Jewish fans find religious way to toast Aly Raisman’s success

The Jewish gymnast did well at the Olympics. Let’s eat! More from Religion News Service

‘State-sanctioned cultural intolerance’

In the age of Trump, being Muslim is a political act

Despite the fact millions of Muslims live unobjectionable, ordinary lives, their faith gets them implicated in terror scares and anti-immigration hysteria. More from

There’s a parable in here somewhere

In heart of Big Apple, sheep keep a Catholic cemetery tidy

For the third straight year, a historic New York City church has imported three sheep from an upstate farm to serve as organic lawn mowers in its cemetery. More from

‘A debacle of justice’

Stop the execution of Jeff Wood, in the name of Jesus

When it comes to executions in America, we are not killing the worst of the worst; we are killing the poorest of the poor, says Shane Claiborne. More from Religion News Service

Grump 2016

Meet Church Curmudgeon: the grumpiest, funniest guy on Twitter

Church Curmudgeon may be one of the most cantankerous guys on Twitter, but he’s also one of the most hilarious. More from Catholic News Agency