The Slingshot: Hashtag activism, ‘Jesus Feminists,’ the GOP and God


Need to know: 07/21/2016

Speaking #truth to #power

How #ThisFlag pastor Evan Mawarire used Facebook to shut down Zimbabwe

What started as a social media campaign of flag selfies and hashtags has evolved into a full-fledged citizen movement with “Captain Zimbabwe” as its leader. More from Religion News Service

As the Vatican goes, so goes … ?

Why Trump has a Catholic voter problem

Many moderate and conservative Catholics don’t seem to buy what Trump is selling. Here are three reasons why. More from Religion News Service

Pilgrim’s progress

Mike Pence’s journey: Catholic Democrat to evangelical Republican

At a Christian music festival in Kentucky, Pence “gave my life to Jesus Christ,” the soon-to-be GOP vice-presidential recalled years later, “and that’s changed everything.” More from

‘Jesus Feminists’

Why some young evangelical women are increasingly drawn to feminism — and to Hillary Clinton

Today more young evangelical conservative women identify as feminists, and as Clinton is nominated these women are perhaps more primed than ever to celebrate a woman in the White House – unlike many of their fellow believers. More from

Who you calling Lucifer?

Cue Saul Alinsky, the Jewish bogeyman the GOP loves to hate — again and again

Two days into the coronation of Donald J. Trump, the arrival of Saul Alinsky, in all his dead Jewish radical glory, was not a surprise. More from The Forward

Yes, the Poconos.

The ‘Splainer: Who is Fethullah Gulen?

In 80 countries followers of reclusive Turkish imam Fethullah Gulen, who lives in a gated compound in the Poconos, are making their mark. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

All is not lost

The lovely true thing about America, even in the age of Trump

Garrison Keillor swaps Scripture references with an old friend and contemplates the eternal good beyond the ugly headlines: “I don’t say that faith is a stronger bond than race, but it ought to be.” More from

See above

Baptist church in DeKalb County rallies to help Muslim neighbor

Malik Waliyani arrived at his gas station and convenience store last week to find the registers damaged, items stolen and an undetermined amount of cash gone. He was devastated – until help arrived from an unexpected source. More from

Looking deeper

How we honor Muslims who stand up to terror

Stories of Muslims facing down hate and terror, especially perpetrated by violent Islamists who claim to speak in their name, are both important to tell and more common than we realize. More from Religion News Service

Reaching deeper

In the midst of ambivalent feelings, prayer is the answer

Baton Rouge is a city that feels the great weight of ambivalence. Black or white, police or protester, Protestant or Catholic, rich or poor. Elijah R. Zehyoue hopes that this a moment when we can all learn how to properly pray. More from Religion News Service

Who knew?

The “Pokemon Go” craze has arrived in the Vatican

Apparently it’s where you can find the Pokemon god, Arceus. With two popes already, the place could be getting crowded. More from

Will they steal your soul patch next?

Advice to tourists: Don’t sport your Buddha tattoo in a Buddhist country

You can be jailed and deported in Burma because Buddhism has a surprising hold on the country’s politics — and not always in positive ways. More from