The Slingshot: Looking for Mr. Right. Finding dead tigers. Unveiling Iranian woman power.


Need to know: 06/02/2016

Mr. Right?

Is David French the social conservative savior of 2016?

Despair pushes some #NeverTrump conservatives to back a columnist with near zero name-recognition. More from Religion News Service

Going bust

America’s largest distributor of Christian products shuts down

Send the Light Distribution will wind down after 42 years due to competition from online retailers and the bankruptcy of a major client. More from Gleanings |

My enemy’s enemy

Far-right parties winning over some Jewish voters, top rabbi warns

Austrian Freedom Party leader Heinz-Christian Strache and others are making gains by exploiting fears about militant Islamists, a rabbi warns. More from Religion News Service

Where’s the goat?

Muslim killed by Indian mob had beef in his home

The lynching of Muhammad Ikhlaq eight months ago has stirred passionate public debate over religious tolerance. More from

Islam unplugged

ISIS urges Muslims to destroy satellite TV sets

"The enemies of Islam are waging a media war on the Islamic State that is no less dangerous than the military campaign," the group said. More from Reuters

Bonus tracks


40 dead tiger cubs found in freezer at Thai Buddhist temple

The animals were found at the Tiger Temple, a monastery-cum-wildlife park that has been accused of selling animal parts of bred tigers for profit. More from Religion News Service

Animal fandom

San Jose priest builds paper mache shark

Father Brendan McGuire built it larger-than-life size to cheer on the Sharks, who are in the Stanley Cup Final for the first time. More from NBC Bay Area

Heads in the sand

Politicians ignore Reason Rally at their peril

The no shows demonstrate how far our national politics have fallen behind our demographics, writes Tom Krattenmaker. More from Religion News Service

Wall of separation

American Jews warn Israeli leader of possible ‘rupture’

Delays in implementing an agreement to allow non-Orthodox prayers at Jerusalem's Western Wall have added to strains between Benjamin Netanyahu's government and liberal Jewish movements in the U.S. More from The Big Story

Too revealing

In Iran, an actress, a bared arm and a ‘Woman Power’ tattoo

A popular actress whose latest movie won awards at the Cannes Film Festival threw her native country into an uproar after news cameras captured what appeared to be a tattoo of a raised fist sticking out from under her sleeve. More from