The Slingshot: Police killed in Dallas; Ark park opens; Vatileaks trial concludes


Need to know: 07/08/2016

A peaceful march turns violent

This is Dallas, this is our city, and we don’t let terrorism win

After the shooting deaths of five police officers following a protest march, a columnist wrote of the gunmen: “They opened fire, literally, on human decency.” More from

‘I will send rain on the earth’

A flood of guests expected as Noah’s Ark theme park opens in Kentucky

The Ark Encounter president called the opening “a historic event in Christendom” and predicted it would become “one of the greatest Christian outreaches." More from Religion News Service

The price of squealing

Vatican court sentences monsignor to 18 months in ‘Vatileaks’ case

The monsignor confessed to handing over secret documents that detailed Pope Francis’ efforts to transform the workings of the Holy See. More from Religion News Service

A proud tradition

AME Church continues 200-year journey toward racial justice

“We’ve been talking about Black Lives Matter since the AME Church started,” said a bishop at the denomination’s quadrennial gathering. More from Religion News Service

Not just Zuck and Chan

Jewish and Asian: Intermarriages that yield Jewish kids

Two Whitman College sociologists write about the growing phenomenon of Jews marrying Asians and choosing to rear their children in the Jewish faith. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Be very afraid

Why Alton Sterling and Philando Castile might reject a beloved biblical passage

The passage from the Book of Romans tells Christians not to fear government authority. More from Religion News Service

Call to action

What shootings and racial justice mean for the Body of Christ

After the Sterling and Castile deaths, how can anyone deny there is a problem, asks Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore. More from Russell Moore

Where disability is no barrier

Jews with special needs prepare for a rite of passage

Giant Step, a residential program on Long Island, will celebrate a joint b’nai mitzvah for four adults who weren’t quite ready for the rite as teens. More from

Turn on, tune in, drop out

The kids of Jesus Camp, 10 years later

One of the kids featured in the 2006 documentary about a Pentecostal summer camp has abandoned Christianity and finds peace in eastern mysticism and psychotropic drugs. More from

The enabler

Is Donald Trump’s inadvertent anti-Semitism worse than the real deal?

Trump may abhor anti-Semitism, but, however unconsciously, he spreads it, then doubles down to defend it, writes historian Deborah Lipstadt. More from The Forward