The Slingshot: Women deacons; Hindus for Trump; dc Talk cruise


Need to know: 05/12/2016

Eppur, si muove ...

Pope Francis: Let’s study idea of ordaining women as deacons

Clarity would be "good for the church" the pontiff told inquiring nuns. More from Religion News Service

And yet, it moves ...

Italy OKs gay civil unions despite strong church opposition

And still no one is happy. Conservatives say they'll push to cancel the law. Supporters say, "This is just the beginning." More from Religion News Service

Commencement wars

In honoring Biden and Boehner, Notre Dame lives up to Pope Francis’ vision

Notre Dame President John Jenkins is sending a message in line with the pope’s vision. More from Religion News Service

It even has clapboard siding

Non-Muslim groups say NJ mosque should get OK

The groups said “unequal treatment of the mosque in this case represents a potential threat” to their free exercise rights. More from Religion News Service


Why won’t Steven Furtick answer tough questions about his ministry?

The mega-church pastor has been criticized for a lavish lifestyle, lack of accountability, and building a celebrity culture. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Is Ganesha a GOP symbol?

Right-wing Hindus ask gods to help Donald Trump win US election

Hindu nationalists in India who like his harsh stance on Muslims lit fires and chanted for a Trump victory. More from The Times of India


dc Talk reunion sparks a backlash

So far, the Christian rock group says it will perform only on a "Jesus Freak Cruise" in July 2017. More from The Tennessean

Would it fit on a bumper sticker?

No Tennessee billboard space for atheist group’s anti-Ark-Park message

Companies refused to post an image of drowning people under a headline, “Genocide and Incest Park: Celebrating 2,000 years of myths.” More from

Outlaw redemption

Sing him back home

Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore on the late country music legend Merle Haggard: "It was as though the early Haggard was the anomaly, not the old Merle." More from First Things

ICYMI: Sisters, no act

Whoopi Goldberg surprises her look-alike Sister Gertrude Lily

Whoopi comes face to face with Sister Gertrude, a member of the Franciscan Handmaids of the Most Pure Heart of Mary, in an emotional meeting on 'The View.' More from ABC