‘Ordain a Lady.’ Does this video really help the cause?

The debate over ordaining women in the Catholic Church is one of the most contentious — and that’s saying something, given that Catholics are contending over just about anything these days. (Fish on Fridays? Communion in the hand? Pro multis or pro omnia?)

Now comes a new viral video from the Women’s Ordination Conference — titled “Ordain a Lady,” it is a riff on Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” That provenance alone should be enough to scare you off, if you have a daughter in the house who has played “Call Me Maybe” into her Daddy’s earworm.

Church of England rejects women bishops

LONDON (RNS) In a surprise move that shocked both sides of a years-long debate, the Church of England on Tuesday (Nov. 20) rejected an expected move to allow women bishops, preserving the church's status as one of the last bastions of male privilege in the United Kingdom. By Trevor Grundy.