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Ron Ribiat

Ron Ribiat is an author at Religion News Service.

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The Slingshot: Bible museum; Abortion case; Moore’s pastors

By Ron Ribiat — November 14, 2017
Just off the National Mall, the Museum of the Bible is huge, high-tech and ready for visitors. The Supreme Court takes a case about anti-abortion pregnancy centers. Not every pastor who supposedly signed a letter of support for Roy Moore wanted to be on it.

The Slingshot: Security for churches; Atheism under attack; Billy Graham at 99

By Ron Ribiat — November 7, 2017
In the wake of Sutherland Springs, questions about keeping houses of worship safe. Atheists wary after shooter described as a non-believer. A yearlong celebration kicks off for the 20th century’s most famous evangelist.

3 things not to say after a gun massacre

By Lauren Markoe — November 6, 2017
(RNS) — We can permanently eliminate three overused and well-known linguistic phrases that prevent us from recognizing the grim reality, the brutal truth of gun violence in the United States.

Gun massacres: Why aren’t more churches telling the truth?

By Lauren Markoe — November 6, 2017
(RNS) — The simple truth is that, while no law can prevent a specific mass shooting, commonsense measures can make them less likely overall. This is not debatable. Truth-telling churches should proclaim this loudest of all!

The Slingshot: Trans troops; Methodist court; Woeful witches

By Ron Ribiat — October 31, 2017
Federal judge blocks Trump directive against transgender soldiers and sailors. For Halloween, a history of witch hunts. Meet Carlo Dolci, the 17th century artist who painted against the Reformation.

The Slingshot: Conservative black clergy; Ta-Nehisi Coates’ atheism; Methodist church revival

By Ron Ribiat — October 24, 2017
Traditionalist black clergy reject comparisons between black and gay struggles. Examining a leading American intellectual’s atheism. Minnesota congregants accept that their church would die in a way that brought it back to life.

New Mexico judge orders release of clergy sex abuse records

By Lauren Markoe — October 19, 2017
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Church officials said they hope the disclosure will serve as an additional step in healing for survivors, their families and parishioners.

Middle East’s Samaritans link Muslims and Jews

By Lauren Markoe — October 17, 2017
MOUNT GERIZIM (RNS) — Every Samaritan has both a Hebrew name and an Arabic name, and Samaritans are fluent in both languages — but not fully accepted by either Muslims or Jews, community members say.

The Slingshot: Slain Muslim teen; DC Bible museum; Lutheran success story

By Ron Ribiat — October 17, 2017
A slew of charges against the suspected killer of Nabra Hassanen. The Museum of the Bible is not the Museum of Proselytization. As Lutheran congregations dwindle, this one thrives.

Capital murder charges filed in Muslim teen’s death

By Lauren Markoe — October 16, 2017
(RNS) — The suspect was charged with murder and rape, but some wonder why he was not also charged with a hate crime.

Kenya’s presidential race takes pages from the Bible

By Lauren Markoe — October 11, 2017
NAIROBI (RNS) — Religion has long figured prominently into Kenyan politics. But the great lengths presidential candidates and their supporters have gone to to connect themselves to the Bible and its heroes in the lead-up to this month's presidential election have disturbed many religious leaders and scholars.

Critics: Trump’s religious exemption on birth control ignores science

By Lauren Markoe — October 11, 2017
(AP) — Although the regulations ultimately address matters of individual conscience and religious teaching, they also dive into medical research and scholarly studies on birth control.

The Slingshot: Clergy housing allowance; Female faith rally; Fake shark blues

By Ron Ribiat — October 10, 2017
A federal judge struck down tax-free housing for clergy. Twenty years after the Promise Keeper’s rally, Christian women take to the National Mall. Austrian police fine a man dressed as a shark.

Federal judge strikes down tax-free housing for clergy

By Lauren Markoe — October 10, 2017
(AP) — The judge ruled that the exemption provides an unconstitutional benefit to religious persons and no one else, violating the establishment clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Taking on bigotry, the Air Force got it right this time

By Lauren Markoe — October 6, 2017
(RNS) — A rabbi and former Air Force chaplain cheers the strong anti-bigotry message delivered at the U.S. Air Force Academy last week, and remembers a similar message delivered at an air base in Japan some 40 years ago.
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