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The Slingshot: Muslims attacked; Trump’s star; the new Vacation Bible School

By Ron Ribiat — July 5, 2016
At the end of Ramadan, Muslims face violence. Trump defends what looks like anti-Semitic imagery. Church camp gets a makeover.

The Slingshot: Hi-Yo Francis! Gay marriage in Mississippi. E-bracelets for Hajj.

By Jerome Socolovsky — July 1, 2016
(RNS) Francis goes out on a limb while Benedict sees ‘gay lobby’ influence at the Vatican. In U.S., gay marriage wins in court. Suicide study sees benefit in church attendance.

The Slingshot: Interfaith Israel, ‘born again’ Trump, ‘X-Files’ faith

By Ron Ribiat — June 30, 2016
(RNS) In Israel, Jewish, Muslim and Christian co-workers help each other observe their respective traditions. Hypocrisy on Texas abortion decision? Is the transgender movement a spiritual one? The history of the ‘born again’ meme. Belief and the ‘X-Files.’

The Slingshot: Methodists and gays; unchurched and uninterested; Trump and tithing

By Ron Ribiat — June 29, 2016
The United Methodist Church is seeing a wave of insurrection on LGBT issues. Americans who don’t go to church won’t easily be swayed to attend. Donald Trump’s charity is middling at best.

The Slingshot: Muslim women online; Presbyterian regrets; Lady Gaga and the Dalai Lama

By Ron Ribiat — June 28, 2016
Muslim women online face a barrage of hate and harassment. The Presbyterian Church in America confronts its “racial sins.” And a map shows how the nation’s abortion laws will change in the wake of a Supreme Court decision.

The Slingshot: Caring for refugees, being born again, predicting the apocalypse

By Emily McFarlan Miller — June 27, 2016
Care comes before — or without — conversion when Christians work with refugees. Donald Trump reportedly comes to Jesus. Some see Brexit as a sign of the Second Coming.

The Slingshot: Christian nations, Thanksgiving myths, Scientology coming soon to a theater near you

By Emily McFarlan Miller — June 24, 2016
(RNS) White evangelicals are feeling nostalgic for the 50s. Unitarian Universalists are rethinking Thanksgiving. The Church of Scientology is getting into the movie business.

The Slingshot: Faith at the British polls; Muslim cop’s beard; the case of Kim Davis

By Natalie Feibish — June 23, 2016
The Brexit vote is about economics and immigration, but also faith. A Muslim NYC police officer says he has a constitutional right to wear a beard. And the Kentucky anti-gay marriage clerk drops her appeal.

The Slingshot: Courting Christians; Resisting Trump; European Islamophobia

By Jerome Socolovsky — June 22, 2016
The candidate woos hundreds of conservative Christians. Discrimination against Muslims to be discussed in Sarajevo. The Smithsonian plans a Quran exhibition. Indian women fight easy divorce for Muslim men.

The Slingshot: Jesus’ divorce, Trump’s faith summit, Max Weber, RIP?

By Ron Ribiat — June 21, 2016
(RNS) There’s no proof of a ‘Mrs. Christ,’ Harvard scholar admits. The Donald and conservative Christians huddle in Manhattan. A new theory on why U.S. Christianity is Big Business. Plus: ‘Martyrdom’ or ‘genocide’? Stonehenge solstice. And Unitarians reconsider Thanksgiving.

The Slingshot:  Trump and Muslim profiling, Orthodox Council and displaced people

By Natalie Feibish — June 20, 2016
Trump suggests the U.S. start profiling Muslims. The Pan-Orthodox Council opens in Crete, minus Russian Orthodox Church. The U.N. says 65 million people around the world are displaced.

The Slingshot:  Obama in Orlando; Charleston anniversary; Western Wall scuffle

By Natalie Feibish — June 17, 2016
On a trip to Orlando, the president renewed call for gun control. Friday is the anniversary of the shooting deaths of nine African-Americans in Chaleston, S.C.  At the Western Wall, ultra-Orthodox Jews disrupt an egalitarian prayer service.

The Slingshot: Trump and evangelicals, Baptists and Muslims, Obama and Lama

By David Gibson — June 16, 2016
(RNS) The Donald is wooing evangelicals, but needs to try harder. Southern Baptists stand up for religious freedom. ‘The Young Pope’ trailer. Also: a must-read detective story about the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife.’

The Slingshot: Furling the flag; Free funerals; Focused on faith

By Jerome Socolovsky — June 15, 2016
Southern Baptists vote against the Confederate flag. Orlando area churches show sympathy with action. Atheists feel marginalized after tragedies.

THE SLINGSHOT: Queer Muslims; Oral Robert’s son; Punching priest

By Natalie Feibish — June 14, 2016
The presumed Republican presidential nominee blames Muslims and Obama in the wake of Orlando. Gay Muslims are caught between homophobia and Islamophobia. And the nephew of Oral Roberts’ oldest son says his uncle was gay and his story must be told.
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