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RNS Morning Report: Floyd Elected at SBC; Muslim Solidarity; Lambeth Conference Lodging

Ronnie Floyd speaks at the opening of the 2014 Southern Baptist Convention Pastors’ Conference. Photo by Matt Miller/Baptist Press

Need to know: Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Ronnie Floyd, Arkansas megachurch pastor, elected to head SBC executive committee

Arkansas megachurch pastor Ronnie Floyd, part of President Trump's informal group of evangelical advisors, was elected to lead the Southern Baptist Convention's Nashville-based Executive Committee.

On Capitol Hill, persecuted Muslims unite to protect religious minorities’ rights

More than 125 members of the minority Ahmadi Muslim sect spent the day on Capitol Hill lending their voices on behalf of beleaguered Uighur Muslims.

Lodging for spouses becomes Anglicans’ latest battleground over LGBT clergy

A university that customarily offers hospitality to convening clergy is bucking the archbishop of Canterbury's attempt to ban same-sex spouses of gay and lesbian bishops.

Overcoming fears of ‘making noise,’ US Muslims step into civic life

The group Muslims for a Better America plunged into local politics in this city when a candidate who described herself as a 'Confederate' ran for school board.

The real reason div students need to hear Jordan Peterson’s canceled lectures

Peterson, who applies psychology to biblical studies, is as much a product of the 'unmooring' from Western values that he decries as he is a bulwark against it, writes Tara Isabella Burton.

The American church’s complicity in racism: A conversation with Jemar Tisby

Though certain figures and movements did join the struggle against slavery, segregation, and violence at various times and places, the majority of white American Christendom fell somewhere on the spectrum between open endorsement and quiet acceptance.



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Civil rights experts question Supreme Court execution rulings

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled to block Texas’ planned execution of a Buddhist inmate because his chaplain was not allowed in the execution chamber. Religious freedom advocates say the decision has left them flummoxed: Just a month prior, the same court greenlit the execution of a Muslim inmate in similar conditions.

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