The Slingshot: Germany and genocide; Trump and Muslims; Jimmy Carter and race


Need to know: 06/03/2016

Confronting the past

Germany voted to recognize the Armenian genocide and Turkey is furious

Recognizing the genocide is crucial to Germans coming to terms with their own history of mass slaughter. More from Vox

It’s not about the economy

How to guess if someone supports Trump? Ask if Obama is a Muslim.

If they said yes and they are white, 89 percent prefer Trump to Clinton. More from Vox

Extending welcome

Conservative rabbis pass resolution supporting transgender rights

The Rabbinical Assembly called on all Conservative movement institutions to make sure their facilities meet the needs of transgender people. More from

Official recognition

Philadelphia schools add two Muslim holidays

Mayor Jim Kenney said he also hopes to adopt the holidays for city workers. More from

For the good of all

Jimmy Carter pushes for interracial Baptist cooperation

His work to bring Baptists of different races together is morphing into grass-roots attempts to address community needs. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Ancient prejudices

Anti-Semitism among refugees a quandary for Germany

German Jews in particular are troubled the sheer number of Middle Eastern Muslims in the nation increases the likelihood of anti-Jewish attitudes. More from Religion News Service

Unrelentingly cheerful

The sun is always shining in modern Christian pop

There were 2.5 times as many mentions of “grace” as “sin” in the lyrics of the last five years of Billboard’s year-end top 50 Christian songs. More from FiveThirtyEight

God on the field?

A football school where your alma mater is your alibi

A sports columnist parodies Baylor "Faker University" in a column slamming the school for religious hypocrisy. More from

Blessing or curse?

Evangelicals must not bear the mark of Trump

In legitimizing his candidacy, evangelicals are not merely accepting who he is; they are changing who they are, writes Michael Gerson. More from

Competing claims

India and Nepal spat over Buddhist pilgrims

India’s touts the site where the Buddha attained enlightenment; Nepal guards its claim to the Buddha’s birth and early life. More from