The Slingshot: Jimmy Carter and race; Donald Trump and evangelicals; the pope and the imam


Need to know: 05/24/2016


Jimmy Carter plans Baptist conference for unity

The former president wants to address racial rifts he believes are widening. More from


Short of cash, Washington National Cathedral picks a fundraiser for its new dean

The Rev. Randy Hollerith is good at raising money, something the cathedral desperately needs. More from


Pope Francis holds talks with Sunni Islam leader in breakthrough Vatican meeting

“The meeting is the message,” Francis said upon greeting the grand imam of Al-Azhar, a mosque and university complex in Cairo that is viewed as the heart of Sunni Islam. More from Religion News Service


Key Tunisian party renounces political Islam

The most successful Islamist party to emerge from the Arab Spring voted to take religion out of its politics and operate instead as “Muslim democrats.” More from Religion News Service

Get religion

Donald Trump moves to win over wavering evangelical Christians

The presumptive Republican nominee likely can't win the White House without them. More from Religion News Service

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The nuns who charted the stars

At the Vatican Observatory, these women were part of a global attempt to map the night sky. More from The Atlantic

The traditionalist

Can music be your religion?

Tobin Grant sticks to the view that what makes something a religion is a connection to the supernatural. More from Religion News Service

Up and coming

Young Muslim American women try to succeed in politics in ways their fathers couldn’t

When Raaheela Ahmed knocks on doors to meet voters, she covers her headscarf with a floppy hat so people won’t be distracted from what she has to say. More from


A window into the West Bank’s ‘wildest, most violent’ areas

A new film suggests that a fringe group of religious hippies is underestimated in its ability to influence Israeli politics and thwart peace with the Palestinians. More from