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The sin and self-care of Peloton

(RNS) — Peloton isn’t to blame if our culture is obsessed with self-improvement or for the quasi-eroticization of ‘decadent’ self-care. It's just riding alongside.

COMMENTARY: Debating the value of the debates

(RNS) Presidential debates are like first visits to possible in-laws. You hope not to belch at supper -- and then you return to the world where you are actually exploring marriage and building a life. By Tom Ehrich.

COMMENTARY: Truth: Who needs it?

(RNS) Instead of reasoned debate among people who all seek the common good, we have a toxic spew of ads aimed at nothing more than instilling fear and hatred. Such willful destruction of the public square is despicable, and now it has become normal. By Tom Ehrich.