Gender nonconforming Nigerians balance identity and safety concerns

By Arit Okpo — March 16, 2018
LAGOS -- Facing human rights abuses, gender nonconforming Nigerians want the chance to live and express themselves safely.

South Africa bill could end religion-based discrimination for same-sex marriages

By Rumana Akoob — March 12, 2018
JOHANNESBURG -- A proposed amendment to South Africa’s Civil Union Act, which legalized same-sex marriage in 2006, would prevent civil servants from refusing to marry same-sex couples on the basis of conscience, religion or belief.

LGBTQI+ Tanzanians seek safety and solidarity in the shadows

By Kizito Makoye — March 10, 2018
ZANZIBAR -- As Tanzania’s government continues its LGBTQI+ crackdown campaign, sexual and gender minorities devise new survival strategies to avoid arrest and discrimination.

In Cameroon, LGBTQ people struggle to reconcile faith and sexuality

By Anne Mireille Nzouankeu — February 23, 2018
YAOUNDE, Cameroon – Human rights groups in the Central African country are working with religious leaders to discuss the consequences of homophobic attitudes and hate speech.

Au Cameroun, les personnes gays affirment qu’il est difficile de concilier leur foi et leur orientation sexuelle

By Anne Mireille Nzouankeu — February 22, 2018
YAOUNDE, Cameroon – Quant au discours religieux, les leaders de toutes les confessions religieuses présentes au Cameroun ont le même discours, celui de la condamnation de l’homosexualité.

A mother fights queer bias in South Africa

By Carl Collison — February 4, 2018
JOHANNESBURG—Mally Simelane’s daughter was murdered for her sexual orientation, a tragic event that she has channeled into promoting LGBTI acceptance at her church and in KwaThema.

In Zambia, transgender and intersex issues take center stage

By Justine Kawisha — February 3, 2018
LUSAKA, Zambia -- The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia’s chairperson has welcomed the country’s intersex and transgender communities and said discriminating against them is a sin and insult to God.

Religious leaders encourage LGBT exclusion in South Sudan

By Chol Duang Chan — February 2, 2018
JUBA, South Sudan -- In socially conservative South Sudan, LGBT people face discrimination and abuse, their non-traditional sexualities and genders often considered taboo.

For male sex workers in Zimbabwe, discrimination and abuse are the norm

By Wongai Zhangazha — January 21, 2018
HARARE, Zimbabwe -- “You have not graduated into sex work if you are not raped,” Munashe said of what he has come to consider a terrible inevitability for male sex workers who have sex with men in Zimbabwe.

As faiths mix, Madagascar’s LGBTQ community faces harassment and discrimination

By Domoina Ratsara — January 14, 2018
ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar -- For LGBTQ people in Madagascar, backlash is still more common than tolerance or respect.

For Togo’s LGBTQ community, justice remains just out of reach

By Kayi Lawson — January 12, 2018
LOME, Togo --LGBTQ people face numerous barriers to accessing justice in Togo, including the fear of being jailed if their sexual orientation or gender identity is made public.

Au Togo, homosexualité et justice ne collent pas

By Kayi Lawson — January 12, 2018
LOME, Togo -- Pour les personnes LGBT, des barrières d'accès à la justice sont renforcées par le regard de la société, qui ne tolère pas l'homosexualité et les pratiques y afférentes.

In Sierra Leone, human rights defenders stay silent on LGBTQ discrimination

By Kemo Cham — January 8, 2018
FREETOWN, Sierra Leone (RNS) Human rights campaigners in the West African nation are cherry-picking which rights they defend on the basis of religion, culture, and tradition, leaving LGBTQ communities vulnerable.

LGBTQI+ South Africans struggle to fund higher education

By Pollen Eixab — January 5, 2018
CAPE TOWN -- Amid social and religious discrimination, sexual and gender minorities are often shunned by traditional support networks and struggle to access higher education.

Sex workers balance risk and reward in Lesotho

By Majara Molupe — January 2, 2018
MASERU, Lesotho -- Following a recent police raid and facing serious legal and health risks, sex work provides financial reward and opportunity to some women in this Southern African nation.
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