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Was Cardinal Carlo Martini the last liberal Catholic bishop?

VATICAN CITY (RNS) The death of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, considered a leader by liberal Catholics, has been mourned by hundred of thousands of people last week. As their leading light passes away, advocates for reform in the church are left without a uniting figure. By Alessandro Speciale.

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Legacy of Vatican II at heart of dispute between Vatican, U.S. nuns

AMITYVILLE, N.Y. (RNS) Some critics say many Catholic sisters have been using the Second Vatican Council to justify positions and activities that are in conflict with official church teachings, but some nuns say they are living by Vatican II's call to get out of the convent and into the community. By Kim Lawton of Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly.

Traditionalist SSPX calls Vatican offer 'clearly unacceptable'

VATICAN CITY (RNS) The Catholic traditionalist group SSPX said the Vatican's latest reconciliation offer is "clearly unacceptable,'' a move that comes as Pope Benedict XVI appointed a high-profile American prelate to oversee relations with traditionalists. By Alessandro Speciale.