The Slingshot: Muslims in New York, Jews at Berkeley, Pot in the Bible Belt


Need to know: 09/20/2016


Muslims love New York, too

As we deal with the arrest of Ahmad Khan Rahami, there is fear of a backlash against people with brown skin, writes Hussein Rashid. More from Religion News Service

Reverse course

UC Berkeley reinstates a course some call anti-Semitic and anti-Israel

The student-led, one-credit offering looks at Israel through “the lens of settler colonialism.”  More from


In the Bible Belt’s buckle, an effort to decriminalize marijuana

If it can happen in Nashville, headquarters of the Southern Baptist Convention, couldn’t it happen anywhere?  More from

Dusting off his resume

Vatican delegate urges Pope Francis to fire Guam archbishop over abuse

A special investigator appointed by Pope Francis looked into allegations that the archbishop abused altar boys. More from Religion News Service

Done and done

Obama names last adviser to his final faith-based council

Rami Nashashibi co-founded the Inner-City Muslim Action Network in 1997. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Midlife non-crisis

The author of ‘The New Jim Crow’ moves from law to religion

“Without a moral or spiritual awakening, we will remain forever trapped in political games fueled by fear, greed and the hunger for power,” Michelle Alexander writes.  More from Faithfully Magazine

The other science guy

‘Science Mike’ McHargue: ‘Christians aren’t stupid, and atheists aren’t evil’

The online personality has forged a community with others like him who can’t comfortably call themselves either Christian or atheist. More from Religion News Service

The wrong kind of love

The complex history of Donald Trump and the Jews

Trump seems to think highly of Jews, but at the same time traffics in tropes that have been described as classically anti-Semitic. More from The Jerusalem Post |

Member of the tribe

Jill Stein on her Jewish identify

In a lengthy interview, the Green Party’s nominee for president explains the role Judaism has played in her life. More from

Preach it

Carter urges faith leaders to combat ‘resurgence of racism’

The former president is calling on Baptist faith leaders to foster change in their churches and communities. More from