The Slingshot: Women’s freedom issue — Burkinis, headscarves, going to college


Need to know: 08/31/2016


Christian woman told to remove headscarf for driver’s license

When she sought a renewal, an Alabama county court clerk told her "only Muslim women have the right to cover their hair." More from Religion News Service

Don’t show

UN rights office urges French towns to repeal burkini bans

A “stupid reaction” to terrorism that does not improve security and fuels religious intolerance, the UN says. More from Religion News Service

Don’t learn

Hasidic sect bans women from going to university

The Satmar movement’s leadership warns in a Yiddish-language decree that university education can expose women to “dangerous” secular ideas. More from The Independent

After the coup

As Gulen movement contracts in Africa, worry over who will fill the vacuum

At Ankara's request, some African governments are closing schools affiliated with the U.S.-based Turkish preacher. More from Religion News Service

Church planting among the pyramids

Egypt’s new law on churches angers Christian critics

The hope was that the law would make it easier to build new churches. Instead critics say it enshrines restrictions. More from

Bonus tracks

For flock's sake

Keep homilies to eight minutes, Vatican tells clergy

The secretary general of the Synod of Bishops says homilies should be brief to cater for people with short attention spans. More from

That explains it all

Michele Bachmann: God picked Trump to be the GOP nominee

Former Minnesota Rep. and Donald Trump's evangelical adviser says the Book of Daniel teaches that "God lifts up who He will." More from TheHill

Slippery slopes

Ask not for whom the volcano erupts: A response to David Gushee

Southern Baptist luminary takes issue with RNS columnist’s writings on LGBT equality. More from

World Religions 101

Georgetown, a Jesuit university, is the first U.S. college with a Hindu priest as a chaplain

Other universities have employed Hindu monks, who have less training than priests, or have enlisted lay people to work as chaplains for Hindu students. More from

Crossing the threshold

Gavin Grimm just wanted to use the bathroom. He didn’t think the nation would debate it.

The Gloucester, Virginia, school board has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to take his case. More from