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RNS Morning Report: Pompeo Accused of Hatch Act Violations; Kirk Franklin’s Activism; Samuel Chu

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addresses the Republican National Convention, Tuesday, August 25, 2020, from Jerusalem. Video screengrab.

Need to know: Thursday, August 27, 2020

Mike Pompeo accused of violating Hatch Act in Jerusalem RNC speech

The Hatch Act, which was passed in 1939, prohibits executive branch employees from ‘engag(ing) in political activity’ while on duty.

Kirk Franklin: On supporting COVID aid, fighting racial injustice, boycotting TBN

The gospel artist said he continues to be ‘very vocal about the lack of the church’s voice in social issues.’

Hong Kong issues warrant for Samuel Chu, an American citizen, activist and pastor’s son

The arrest warrant caught the attention of American officials concerned about Chinese imposition of authoritarian rule in Hong Kong.

RNC speaker Mary Ann Mendoza removed from lineup after sharing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on Twitter

Mary Ann Mendoza, whose son was killed by a drunken driver who was in the United States without documents, had been expected to speak Tuesday (Aug. 25) at the convention, according to the Trump campaign.

In the Fatiha, Jacob Blake’s father cried for justice and healing for his son

As he recited the Fatiha, a prayer that opens the Quran, Jacob Blake’s father cried for mercy, healing, justice and an end to violence — like countless Black parents before him, writes Omar Suleiman.

Why evangelicals will support Donald Trump in 2020

President Donald Trump's commitment to pro-life policies, religious freedom and appointing conservative judges will keep evangelicals and other conservative Christians in his corner, writes Johnnie Moore.



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Pope Francis encourages nun helping trans community in Argentina

The home, called The Coast of Limay, has been described as the first permanent residence in the world dedicated to vulnerable transsexual people.

Evangelical ‘Never Trumpers’ appear at alternative RNC

The four-day Convention on Founding Principles features former Christianity Today editor Mark Galli as well as a new group called Christians Against Trumpism and Political Extremism.

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I’m loving the LDS Church’s new online temple prayer roll system

If Mormons are a people who believe that the "true order of prayer" is what exists in the temple, it makes sense for that blessing to be offered to every member of the church, no matter where they live.

Jerry Falwell Jr.’s come-to-Jesus moment

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Abraham would be proud

Peace happens -- piece by piece.