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Why transgender issues are Humanist issues

Two of the core principles of Humanism are the value of the individual and rational, evidenced-based thinking. Our culture is failing miserably at both when it comes to the transgender community—which is why Humanist voices are greatly needed.

Isolation leads British Muslims to act like 'idiots'

LONDON (RNS) The increasing isolation of Britain's Muslim community is leading to stepped-up attacks against Muslims and a sense that Muslims can act like "idiots" against outsiders in some parts of the city, British government and Muslim leaders say.

Hate crimes law used to prosecute Amish beard attacks

(RNS) A pair of scissors transported across state lines in a series of beard-cutting attacks on the Amish have emerged as a controversial element in Ohio's first case under a landmark 2009 federal law that expanded government powers to prosecute hate crimes. By Harlan Spector.