Jesus is risen Italian mosaic

Between Good Friday and Easter: A Muslim Meditation on Christ and Resurrection

When I reflect on the suffering of Christ, I see the connection between the suffering of Christ and the suffering of all of God’s children, all of us who are vessels of the Spirit of God. 
I seek the Easter of our own spirit, the resurrection of our spirit, long dead, brought back to God through God’s grace. May there be an Easter for the Jesus of our spirit, overcoming every death, every suffering and every affliction.


Marie Osmond Speaks out for Marriage Equality

As mother to a gay daughter, Marie Osmond has come out as in support of same-sex marriage. “I believe in her civil rights,” she told Diane Sawyer. “As a mother, I think my daughter deserves everything that she desires in life.”

Quote of the Day: Michael Sean Winters of National Catholic Reporter

“If Pope Francis’ example has left this young priest speechless, then I say good. The people will be spared a dose of craziness.” — Michael Sean Winters, a columnist for National Catholic Reporter, after a traditionalist Catholic priest said he didn’t know what to say after Pope Francis washed the feet of women at a Rome prison.

Our Corner | NBC Latino

In an op-ed for NBC Latino, PRRI Research Associate Juhem Navarro-Rivera explores the ongoing tug-of-war within the Republican Party between Hispanic Americans and the Tea Party.

Pope Francis kissing

Pope Francis: How the Visuals Matter

During the Reformation, Protestant propagandists scored a lot of points with woodcuts contrasting the Pope and His Minions unfavorably with Jesus and His Disciples. Here, for example, are a couple of pages from a German pamphlet, “The Passion of Christ and Antichrist,” that show humbly garbed Jesus washing the disciples’ feet even as the enthroned pope is getting his slippered tootsie bussed by royalty. So when Pope Francis goes to a prison and proceeds to wash (and kiss) the feet of a dozen inmates, the historical resonances are deep. Catholic traditionalists may be freaked out by it–girls! Muslims–but this is the new face of Roman Catholicism.