The Slingshot: Furling the flag; Free funerals; Focused on faith


Need to know: 06/15/2016

In sympathy

Churches willing to hold free funeral services for shooting victims

At least four Orlando area churches have volunteered to conduct the services at no cost. More from

Take it down

Southern Baptists: ‘Discontinue the display of the Confederate battle flag’

Born in 1845 in a split over its support for slavery, the SBC calls on Christians to quit using the Confederate flag. More from Religion News Service

Doesn't stick

Judge dismisses misdemeanor charge against Planned Parenthood videographer

"This a real victory for the pro-life movement," said the attorney of the anti-abortion activist. A felony charge is still pending. More from Houston Chronicle

Who gave you the rite?

Greece and Turkey spar over Ramadan prayers at Hagia Sophia

The World Heritage site is supposed to be off-limits to religious rituals, but Muslims are praying there for Ramadan. More from Religion News Service

Brothers’ keeper

Anglican priest joins lawsuit demanding greater rights for Kenya’s gays

The Rev. Mark Odhiambo charges that gays and lesbians in Kenya are routinely attacked, raped, evicted from their homes and arbitrarily arrested. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks


In times of tragedy, why don’t the media get atheists’ perspective?

“I think we were called once, some time after 9/11,” an atheist spokesman says after the Orlando tragedy. “And no, no one else has called today.” More from

Buy the book

Eight titles for summer ‘soulstice’ reading

In these books, perfect for the ocean, pool or hammock, religion and spirituality play supporting characters. More from Religion News Service

Unapologetic optimism

The Dalai Lama: Why I’m hopeful about the world’s future

"Because human nature is basically compassionate, I believe it is possible that decades from now we will see an era of peace,” says the Tibetan Buddhist leader. More from

Safe house

Argentine ex-official arrested over cash bags at monastery

A neighbor of the monastery called authorities after seeing a man throwing bags onto the property near Buenos Aires. More from The Big Story

She’s gotta have it

“Bacon & God’s Wrath” is latest documentary from Sol Friedman

Razie is 90, she’s just become an atheist, and she’s about to try bacon for the first time — on camera. More from The New Yorker