The Slingshot: ‘The Kaine Scrutiny’: The lowdown on Hillary’s Catholic veep pick


Need to know: 07/25/2016


5 faith facts about Tim Kaine: ‘I do what I do for spiritual reasons’

He was raised a Roman Catholic, worked alongside Jesuits in Honduras and loves Pope Francis. But Tim Kaine separates the personal from the political when it comes to religious doctrine. More from Religion News Service

The faith of the base?

Can Hillary Clinton finally close the ‘God gap’?

The GOP has been called ‘God's Own Party’ because it draws far more churchgoing voters than the Democrats. Clinton has a chance to change that -- if she wants to. More from Religion News Service

More than a bucket of warm … ?

‘A Pope Francis Catholic’: Now that Tim Kaine is Clinton’s VP pick, will his faith matter?

It’s not clear what impact Kaine’s faith — or that of any Catholic — would have on voters. More from

Not so good for the Jews?

Donald Trump and allies forced to answer questions about anti-Semitism

The retired army lieutenant general who Trump said could be in his cabinet retweeted an explicitly anti-Semitic message while former KKK wizard David Duke’s support for Trump raised further questions for the nominee. More from

Not so good for the atheists?

Leaked: DNC official wanted to smear Sanders’ religion (or lack thereof)

A leaked email between Democratic officials may indicate intraparty smear tactics that sought to depict Hillary Clinton’s primary rival Bernie Sanders as an atheist. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Those who forget the past …

How did a former concentration camp become a wedding venue in Lithuania?

In 1941, thousands of Jews were imprisoned, starved and finally massacred by Lithuanian Nazi collaborators at the Seventh Fort. Now it’s a party venue. How did that happen? More from The Jerusalem Post |

Sweet revenge

Hungary’s Tokaj wine region revives Jewish heritage

After two centuries of prosperity generated from the sweet wine that became popular in the courts of Europe, Jews in Tokaj were decimated in the Holocaust. Now some are returning. Perhaps the wine will also return to its roots. More from Religion News Service

The real choice in 2016?

America, we must not give in to tribalism

A leading Hispanic evangelical poses the question: Do we really want to live in a country where we aren’t ‘supposed to’ meet or agree with leaders of a different political party, skin color or religion? More from Religion News Service

Or maybe a crumb?

Trump throws social conservatives a bone

The Republican nominee’s pledge to overturn the ‘Johnson amendment’ and bar potential tax exemption problems for churches that campaign for candidates is less than meets the eye, says Mark Silk. More from Religion News Service

Hard questions

Who is leaving the LDS Church?

Singles, young adults, and men (especially those who did not serve a mission) seem to be among the most likely people to leave the Mormons. But new research can find out a good deal more that we don’t yet know. More from Religion News Service