Rabbi Sharon Brous is the founding rabbi of IKAR, a community of inspiration and experimentation dedicated to reclaiming and reinvigorating Jewish tradition and practice in Los Angeles and throughout the Jewish world. Photo courtesy of IKAR

COMMENTARY: On Purim, seize the day

(RNS) Purim is an exercise in radical spiritual destabilization, the one day each year when Judaism’s otherwise exacting tradition recognizes that sometimes drunken revelry is a supremely reasonable response to the world.

Jews worry about Purim’s endorsement of alcohol

(RNS) Too many times, Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb has seen the high cost of Purim's darker side, the “ugly and despicable behavior” of young yeshiva students who drink to excess on a day that is equal parts Halloween and Fat Tuesday. By Meredith A. Bennett-Smith.

RNS photo courtesy Levitt family.

Is Purim the Jewish Halloween? Some Jews say no.

(RNS) The raucous Jewish holiday of Purim begins on Wednesday (Mar. 7) and many a Jewish kid will dress up in costumes and give out treats to neighbors. Sound like Halloween? For some Jewish families, the answer is a resounding “no.” By Lauren Markoe.