Carrie Poppy and Brian Thompson

Why are these comedians going to Sedona to make a film about belief?

What’s so special about Sedona, Arizona? And what does it have to do with mysticism and belief? If you can’t make the trip yourself, two young filmmakers want to show you. In a recently launched Kickstarter for their upcoming documentary film Sedona: A Documentary Film, which they will produce with experienced multimedia producer Adam Isaak, Carrie Poppy and Brian Thompson explain why Sedona has captured their attention—and the attention of many others:
Sedona, Arizona has been the hub of all things mystical since it was first reported to be the site of special “energy fields” in the 1970s. Since then, new age practitioners and believers have flocked to the tiny town of 10,000 people, eager to start their lives over with renewed spiritual awareness (and maybe a tasteful geode or two).

RNS photo courtesy of Dale McGowan

What “Dummies” need to know about atheism

(RNS) Dale McGowan, executive director of Foundation Beyond Belief, was just enlisted to write “Atheism for Dummies,” the first book about atheists in the “Dummies” series. McGowan explains what people need to know about atheism, and what they have in common with religious believers. By Kimberly Winston.