RNS Morning Report: Digital Worship Services; Upcoming Major Holidays; Field Hospital Donation

The Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow’s “pulpit” for his worship services. Photo courtesy of Bruce Reyes-Chow

Need to know: Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Virtual Worship

As COVID-19 leads to canceled religious gatherings, faith leaders embrace the digital

As in-person worship is banned in many places in the wake of COVID-19, many clergy are scrambling to learn how to shift services online via Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other digital platforms. More from Religion News Service

'Go Forward in Faith'

What if Easter, Passover and Ramadan get canceled?

The coronavirus pandemic may disrupt major religious holidays such as Easter, Passover and Ramadan. More from Religion News Service

Providing Surge Capacity

As religious groups weigh virus response, Samaritan’s Purse donates a field hospital

The donation of the field hospital in Cremona, in northern Italy’s hardest-hit Lombardy region, represents one of the largest faith-based responses to the COVID-19 outbreak. More from Religion News Service

Shelter from the Storm

Interfaith clergy unite for mothers and housing activists who took over vacant LA house

Activists and clergy gathered Sunday evening to pray for a group of mothers after they took over a property as a shelter from the coronavirus. More from Religion News Service


There are things the Black Death can teach us today

Historians tend to take seriously the contention that Jewish communities were less affected by the plague itself, if not from the hatred it unleashed, because of their ritual hand-washing, writes Avi Shafran. More from Religion News Service

Prophetic Optimism

This is not the end of the world, according to Christians who study the end of the world

The worldwide upheaval caused by the fast-spreading novel coronavirus pandemic has many people reaching for their Bibles, and some starting to wonder: Could this be a sign of the apocalypse? More from The Washington Post🔒




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