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RNS Morning Report: Religious Coworking Space; Yusef Salaam; Beth Sholom Synagogue

People work in Epiphany Space’s open workspace in Hollywood. RNS photo by Heather Adams

Need to know: Thursday, September 19, 2019

Religious coworking spaces encourage faith, careers

As coworking spaces become more popular, faith-based groups are pioneering in this field — hoping to bring together like-minded businesses, artists and nonprofits for collaboration, community and support.

From Central Park Five to beacon of hope

Yusef Salaam, whose wrongful conviction as part of the Central Park Five is now the subject of a Netflix miniseries, talks about how a key moment in his arrest changed him forever.

Sixty years later, only Frank Lloyd Wright synagogue continues as ‘work of art’

Recalling in its design the place where Scriptures say the Ten Commandments were given to Moses, Beth Sholom Synagogue is lesser known than the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

A look at Judaism’s place in Israeli politics

While Israel's Jewish majority is largely secular, parties representing the ultra-Orthodox minority have traditionally wielded considerable political power.

How technology opened new opportunities for Uighurs – then became a trap

The Uighur internet, which once fostered a cultural flourishing for Uighurs, has become a space that controls many aspects of their lives, writes Darren Byler.

Progressive seminary students offered a confession to plants. How do we think about sins against nature?

“Christian Twitter” is always on fire about something, and today that tweet was its sacrificial fuel. Detractors saw in it everything from idolatry to New Age nonsense to an opportunity for jokes about “VeggieTales” and church plants.



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Gathering of German bishops tests Pope Francis’ efforts for decentralization

Following an attempt by the Vatican to exercise control over its upcoming and reform-driven gathering, the Catholic Church in Germany has made it clear that it has no intention of backing down, proving to be yet another wedge in the internal church wars that have plagued Pope Francis' six-year papacy.

Low-cost DNA kits could reduce rate of unreported, unprosecuted rapes in Kenya, beyond

Two women, one an activist and a survivor of sexual assault and the other a criminologist and university professor, are working on an initiative they hope could change the way rape is treated in the developing world.

Interfaith group urges congressman to skip Texas rally for India’s prime minister

An event, dubbed 'Howdy, Modi!,' is being held amid reports of violence and intimidation by Indian soldiers in Kashmir villages.

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What Netflix got wrong: The Fellowship’s mission is love, not power

(RNS) — 'The Family' puts forward a false thesis based on anecdotal experience, from which it spins conspiracy theories about political power and international intrigue to fit a biased agenda.

This is your brain on Mormon Facebook

Racially, religiously, and educationally, the small subset of former Mormons who are now involved in ex-Mormon social media groups are not representative of the whole.

Synod for the Amazon about more than married priests

For Pope Francis, the Amazon is important because it touches on so many themes of his papacy: concern for the marginalized, evangelization and protection of the environment, writes Thomas Reese.