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Benjamin Knoll

Who’s not watching Mormon General Conference

By Jana Riess — November 7, 2017
The typical Mormon General Conference viewer is a church-going, older, white, college-educated Republican living in Utah—not surprisingly the exact type of person most likely to be seen on the TV screen during Conference sessions.

Mormons, Trump and McMullin: A 2016 postmortem by the numbers

By Jana Riess — July 17, 2017
Mormon Republicans who went for Trump were less religious and more anxious about immigration and racial diversity than those who supported McMullin.

Study shows young adult Mormons are most likely generation to tithe (but there’s a catch)

By Jana Riess — December 26, 2016
Surprise: Mormon Millennials are a little more likely to be full tithe-payers than older Mormons are -- but there's a twist in how they define income.

Mormons are less Republican this year, and Trump is not the only reason why

By Jana Riess — September 15, 2016
(RNS) Does Mormons' dislike of Donald Trump explain why some are exiting the GOP? We unpack the new Pew data on religion and political party affiliation.

6 unexpected findings about Mormon doubters — and one that’s no surprise

By Jana Riess — July 29, 2016
Older Mormons, not younger ones, are more likely to doubt -- and women are just as likely to doubt as men. These are just two of the surprising findings from Pew's study of Mormons, which is heavily weighted toward the experiences of active Latter-day Saints.

The Next Mormons: Who are the Millennials, and what do they want?

By Jana Riess — July 15, 2016
Today I'm launching a Kickstarter campaign to support The Next Mormons survey -- a major national survey of four generations of Latter-Day Saints. I hope you'll choose to participate by making a donation and spreading the word.

Mormons praised — and criticized — this week for race relations

By Jana Riess — June 24, 2015
White Mormons in the United States live in a bubble of racial privilege. What changes need to happen to make the Church more sensitive to diversity?

News flash! Americans like Mormons better when we’re not oppressing gays

By Jana Riess — May 15, 2015
Every time my church does something that appears to diminish the humanity of LGBT persons, our reputation as a religion takes a hit. Now there is some statistical evidence of just how much.
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