Tuesday’s Religion News Roundup: Orthodox abusers, Jews for Mel Gibson, ‘Stand Your Ground’ as Christian law

Suspected child abusers in Orthodox Jewish circles shouldn’t have their names revealed because of the “tight-knit and insular” nature of the community, argues Brooklyn’s DA. Charles Hynes said Orthodox communities are so familiar that identifying the suspects would likely identify the victims.

Oklahoma authorities are investigating whether the executive director of The Voice of the Martyrs, an international Christian ministry, killed himself amid allegations he’d molested a 10-year-old girl. Jews in Hollywood are standing by Mel Gibson despite his past, ahem, issues with anti-Semitism and his current brouhaha with screenwriter Joe Eszterhas over their “Judah the Maccabee” project. President Obama invoked the memory of the Holocaust to argue for confronting Syria and Iran. A Danish fashion company has apologized for a T-shirt marketed at the popular retail store Urban Outfitters because it featured a six-pointed star that critics said evoked the Star of David that the Nazis forced Jews to wear.

Monday’s Religion News Roundup: Chuck Colson; stunned nuns; subsidiarity

Lots of interesting obits and encomia over the weekend for Chuck Colson, the Watergate felon turned evangelical advocate for prisoners.  A church-state watchdog filed a formal complaint with the IRS alleging that the Catholic Diocese of Peoria violated rules barring tax exempt organizations from opposing political candidates when Bishop Daniel Jenky compared President Obama to Hitler and Stalin. University of Notre Dame faculty have drawn up a petition asking for Jenky to resign from the university's Board of Fellows if he is unwilling to publicly and “loudly” renounce “this destructive analogy.” Some Liberty University students and alumni are protesting plans to have Mitt Romney deliver the commencement address next month. “Liberty University should have gotten a Christian to speak not someone who practices a cult,” said one student. Rep. Paul Ryan is using the Catholic principle of subsidiarity to defend the deep cuts in the GOP House budget.

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Pro-Tutu petitions flood Gonzaga

(RNS) After nearly 700 people tried to push Gonzaga University to rescind its commencement speaker's invitation to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, supporters of the anti-apartheid hero responded with 11,000 signatures of their own. By Tracy Simmons.

Charles Colson inside a prison. Photo courtesy of Prison Fellowship

Nixon felon and evangelical icon Charles Colson dies at 80

In many ways, Chuck Colson's life personified the evangelical ethos of a sinner in search of redemption after a dramatic personal encounter with Jesus. He also embodied the evangelical movement's embrace of conservative social issues, although often as a happy warrior.

RNS photo courtesy Christ Fellowship

More churches turning to high-tech outreach

(RNS) Christ Fellowship in McKinney, Texas, offers worshippers a Facebook page, online sermons, live chats, QR codes — things that signal “a willingness to meet new challenges,'' expert Scott Thumma says, as churches aim to expand their reach by using cutting-edge technology. By Cathy Lynn Grossman/USA Today.

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Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a (Hindu) match

LOS ANGELES (RNS) The marriage process is in flux in Indian American culture, opening the door to new manners of matchmaking. The idea that love can use a little help remains constant, even as singles' attitudes on dating change. By Megan Sweas.

FridayâÂ?Â?s Religion News Roundup: Nuns on the run, Romney at Falwell U., LandâÂ?Â?s fall?

Nuns on the run? The Vatican’s crackdown on the main leadership organization for women religious continues to generate wide interest, and sympathy for the sisters. The Rev. Jim Martin’s Twitter campaign on their behalf is going viral: #WhatSistersMeanToMe Canon lawyers say the nuns may not have many legal options for keeping the Leadership Conference of Women Religious viable. Pope Benedict could make their life easier, but does this takeover mean he’s reverting to form? The U.S. bishops want the U.S. embargo on Cuba ended.