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Eduardo Campos Lima is an author at Religion News Service.

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Practitioners of Afro-Brazilian religions fear increasing intolerance under Bolsonaro

By Eduardo Campos Lima — April 25, 2019
SAO PAULO (RNS) — During his campaign, Brazil's new president unapologetically dismissed the concerns of Afro-Brazilian communities, announcing at one point, 'The state is Christian and the minority will have to change.'

As Venezuela refugee crisis builds, church struggles to carry out pope’s call

By Eduardo Campos Lima — April 11, 2019
SAO PAULO (RNS) — The flow of refugees has overwhelmed efforts to meet Pope Francis' call to provide 'hospitality and acceptance' for immigrants.

Eyeing Amazon synod, Brazil accuses church of ‘leftist agenda’

By Eduardo Campos Lima — February 25, 2019
SAO PAOLO, Brazil (RNS) — The Brazilian president's security chief was quoted in a recent news story about the synod, saying, 'We are worried about it and want to neutralize it.'

John of God’s sexual assault arrest tarnishes Brazil’s spiritist movement

By Eduardo Campos Lima — January 30, 2019
SAO PAOLO, Brazil (RNS) — More than 600 women — varying in age from 8 to 67 — have accused the medium of sexual assault, adding a distressing chapter to the long history of spiritist mediums in Brazil.

Brazilian president’s win leaves him in debt to evangelical bloc

By Eduardo Campos Lima — December 17, 2018
SAO PAOLO, Brazil (RNS) — Posing as a political savior for the Christian right, Jair Bolsonaro now has to live up to high expectations.
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